Wednesday, June 10, 2009

mid-week 'tube: another great forgotten chapter

I have an Internet love affair with Tiderolls67, even though I have no idea who holds that handle. But whoever he/she is, he keeps coming up with astounding video files from games I had forgotten even happened.
Today's entry: 'Bama's 1991 victory over Tennessee at Legion Field, which featured a 21-point explosion from the Tide in the fourth quarter (after spending most of the day puttering on offense).

The underrated part of this game: my dad and I watched it at our house in ... Eufaula (?) ... yeah, that has to be it ... and I have a fuzzy memory (even though I would've been 10 at the time) of Bo Schembechler -- recently retired and working as an analyst for ABC at the time -- angrily declaring, "I don't see Alabama scoring" during his halftime analysis. In retrospect, it's hard to blame him -- no one was ever sure if Alabama WOULD score during the Stallings era.
This game was also one of the first big wins of the Jay Barker era -- Jay completed 100 percent of his handoffs in the fourth quarter for the victory.

We'll try to have a little more later.

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