Monday, June 22, 2009

notable, quotable Monday

As I write this, Phil Mickelson and his glorious, Ric-Flair-type chest are making a valiant charge toward a possible US Open Championship. It's totally worth annoying my co-workers by turning it on. Totally.

Anyway, as always this Monday is a busy one, so here are some quick links to keep you entertained till quitting time.
— First up, the dominant Web story of the weekend: Nick Saban vs. recruiting Web sites. The money quote, at least for me:
"That should be addressed by somebody and should be brought to bear. If people are just covering recruiting with honesty and integrity, [there's no problem]. But all those guys that work out there for [recruiting sites] are for the school. Everybody roots for a team. And they get information for a team."
Naturally, many of the writers for these sites have responded predictably — Nick Saban is easy to loathe, and objectivity isn't a desirable trait for team-specific sites anyway. 8Box wonders if Alabama is prepared to fight these guys.
— Scheduling, obviously, remains a hot topic. Moon thinks we as fans deserve better, although he made the curious decision to lead his column by calling us all "suckers." Cecil agrees with his assessment, calling for 'Bama to renew its old rivalries.
— Other 'Bama-related stuff: RBR examines how Julio Jones stole AJ Green's spotlight (Peter von Herrmann likes); UA picked up three more commitments over the weekend.

— has a top 25 of all-time college football programs. No, Alabama isn't on top.

— Some Auburn links: the O-A is reviewing the Teagles' 09 opponents, today with Kentucky; Auburn is also planning a game against JSU, which, like our game against Bill Curry and Ga. State, will inevitably lead to a series of stories/blog posts/message board arguments about Jack Crowe.
Hold on, let's relive one of coach Crowe's best moments:

That was fun.

— Finally, the finals of the CWS start tonight. TCBB is your one-stop shop for all preview needs.

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