Thursday, June 11, 2009

surveying the landscape in the aftermath

Today's very special episode of "the NCAA vs. College Athletics and Common Sense" naturally spawned a bevy of reactions, around campus and on the Web.
Like me, most of them believe that a) the punishment fit the crime, and b) Alabama is fortunate, because since when does that ever happen with the NCAA?

Before we dive into the links around the Net, here's an apropos video from Derek Webb.

-- First off, the scope of the problem: a total of 201 athletes were involved in 16 sports (7 of them were football players). That, obviously is a problem. And Mal Moore should be held accountable. And so should Dr. Witt. Them is the facts. But it's also worth noting -- as my dad said today -- that if the football players weren't involved, it's likely this wouldn't have even made the news. But they were involved, and it did make the news, so ... (quoting my mom) there ya go.
-- Next, the forthcoming appeal: Dr. Witt and coach Moore suggested they might do so today, and they've got standing: FSU filed a similar grievance to restore some of its lost wins earlier this year (I don't recall the specifics of that case, but I believe the penalties were similar).
It's worth questioning the wisdom of any potential appeal, as Brent at 8Box says today.
The vacating of wins is of consequence to history and tradition. To any other school that might mean little, but at Alabama where the program is always chasing history, its own and that of others, to vacate wins pushes the program a little further down this or that all-time list. Those lists are important to Alabama and its fans. Is position on some all time lists worth possibly poking the NCAA in the eye? Oklahoma was forced to vacate wins over the pay for no work case involving a couple of players and a car dealer, but those wins were reinstated on appeal. If you had to chose would you rather get wins back or reduce the number of years of probation?
Thankfully, we've also got John from BSR to channel his own inner Jonathan Swift.
I therefore suggest the following modest proposal: immediate implantation of thought control chips into the brain of every Alabama citizen and student. Athletes should be padlocked into sanitary rooms where they are provided only with food, drink, and textbooks FOR WHICH THEY MUST PERSONALLY PAY!!! They may attend class, of course, but only under police escort and in shackles. At least we can make their jumpsuits crimson instead of orange.
-- One of the tragic memes from many of the national pundits -- most of whom barely had any notion of any of this until late yesterday -- is that Alabama skated on some kind of very serious violations because Alabama thumbs its nose at the NCAA. OK, basically I mean Dennis Dodd. But it's OK, because I have Todd at RBR to take him to task. Thank you, Todd.
-- Orson actually tackled this subject twice today: first at EDSBS with a fantastic illustration; then at the SB with a reasoned analysis of what went on. And speaking of hilarious illustrations, the guys at Tower of Bammer awakened from a summer slumber to give us one.
-- Finally, because this is what they do, mookie at 3sib reminds us of the pecking order in the SEC.

And with that, I'm off to think about something else.

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mmaguire00 said...

This is from someone who claims to be no expert in the field of sports and the NCAA, but this is how I feel:

I honestly don't think vacating wins fits what happened.

like mal moore said, no one profitted from this and it did not give anyone an advantage on the playing field

I don't think this is an NCAA issue, it's a University issue with the players and the bookstore

end of story