Monday, June 1, 2009

Monday morning, you sure looked fine

I do have excuses for my lack of blog presence here. There's been vacation and work (busier than you'd think), plus I've been preparing for a rather interesting new thing in life (which I'll detail at a later date and no ... it's not a baby or anything gross like that).

In any case, that's hardly an excuse for the callous way I've treated the four or five people who read this thing regularly. I've got a few things to discuss here as the week wears on, but since it's Monday, we might as well start by seeing what everybody else is discussing, no?

Off we go, then ...
— Today's completely ridiculous offseason "controversy" comes from Auburn, where the Teagle coaching staff held a "Big Cat Weekend" (all silly nicknames courtesy of the guys who came up with the name "Mark's Madness"). The highlight of the weekend (aside from a few minor NCAA violations): recruit Texas recruit Lache Seastrunk publicly calling out Nick Saban for reasons that aren't entirely clear (note: if you have a minute, scroll down to the commentary section of this blog and read some of the inane back-and-forth — and you wonder why I have no desire to become a beat writer).
(Note: I know it's wrong to call out a kid, but Auburn may not want to mess with this guy. Nick Saban has all the traits of someone you probably don't want to rile: he's super focused, has a massive ego and absolutely no conscience. I think coach Cheez would rather his guys, um ... leave that situation alone.)
Anyway, all this offseason mess has (of course) led to Scarbinsky's opinion of the new head-coaching trio: he's not impressed. And why would he be, really?
— Rough weekend for crimson-clad supporters on the diamond: Alabama's softball team got sent packing in the semifinals at the WCWS in the most painful fashion imaginable, and the baseball squad went gentle into that good night at the Clemson regional. It's kind of hard to shake the whole "Jim Wells' teams don't perform when it counts anymore" mantra when they ... um, don't.
Of course, the biggest story out of this weekend at the baseball regionals was Texas' incredible 25-inning victory over Boston College. I've said it before: I can't believe more people don't pay attention to college baseball. Is it just the bats? Really?
— More football-related stuff: mookie is counting the days 'till Va. Tech with a jersey retrospective; the O-A News is previewing Auburn's '09 opponents; the T-News ranks recruiting; and RBR's new prospectus is available. I'm told it's excellent.
— Finally, for those of us who think the Mike Price situation at Alabama or Tommy Tuberville's attempted firing (via the famous Jet Excursion or "J**G****") is the craziest football-related thing to ever happen, I present to you ... the Ron Prince Situation. Simply indescribable.

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