Saturday, August 22, 2009

links on the weekend

For those of you unfortunate enough to be stuck inside on a gorgeous day like this, here are a few links that will hopefully keep your interest for the remainder.
(As an aside: I'm currently watching "Dr. Strangelove" on TCM, and just like I remembered, it's at once both hilarious and terrifying. I often wonder if we shouldn't show this to all of our federal leaders on a weekly basis. And the hilarity of the title was enough inspiration for the best college football blog we currently have. So there's that.)

— First off, a few preview stories: first, Fox's Pete Flutak says you shouldn't sleep on Alabama as a national contender; second, check out this doofus who doubts 'Bama in 2009.
(Whoops, that's me. My bad.)
— Having fun with Nick Saban: Ray Melick pokes fun at Coach's latest rant, and the guys at Tower answer a few questions for players who might be confused by media reports. In a related story, major media outlets are fighting for rights belonging to them (and to the fans) with the SEC.
— OTS has a fantastic scorecard for your second preseason scrimmage. Which, of course, we're not allowed into, because we might speculate and hurt the players. Or something. Also, Christopher Walsh takes a look at the defense.
— Some AU-related stuff: ESPN's Chris Low visited with Gene (No Chance) Chizik) this week: here are parts one and two of that interview. Also, Lee Ziemba says the Tiger locker room needed a change from the Tuberville era, which is frankly what every player says anytime a new coach takes over.
— Elsewhere: Mark Schlabach has called the SEC East race in 2009 already (hey man, we got here first); UGA coaches are feeling the economy's effects; BCS Guru checks in with his BlogPoll ballot; and Mr. CFB has two solid entries for this week, about the rigors of preseason practice and 5 SEC players who will be missed in '09.


Amanda said...

after reading this post, I really excpected it to end with "It's all up next here on Sportsnight on CSC, so stick around."

-D. said...

Lee Ziemba...doesn't he suck?

dbh said...

I believe he's the guy who went after Glenn Dorsey's knees two years ago.

So ... no?