Monday, August 3, 2009

Tuesday 'tube: siren songs

Let's be honest: a number of things about college football — particularly southern football — are extra special. One of my favorite dumb traditions, though: the marching bands, not just because of the fight songs they play, but because every marching band has at least one popular song (either recent or slightly older) that they play, and it's become something of an understood tradition with the fans, and there's no real method behind it.

Case in point: the Million Dollar Band and its weekly rendition of "Basketcase."

Right up there: Auburn's band and its rendition of "Livin on a Prayer."

(Note: Auburn fans may wonder to themselves why I'm not acknowledging their rendition of Ozzy's "Crazy Train." I will, as soon as you guys learn to sing it correctly. And not one second sooner.)

Now you're getting the idea. Here are some of my other favorites:

See y'all Wednesday with some mid-week linkage.

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