Monday, August 24, 2009

mid-Monday links in Game Week fashion

Up first today in the links department: Brent Musberger and Kirk Herbstreit's dreamy eyes talk SEC football.


(h/t: RBR)

A few other assorted links before I have to get back to actual work:
— The biggest story of the last two days, obviously, has been the pending issue with Julio Jones and Mark Ingram, which was enough to spark a meeting between the university and the NCAA. Much like the textbook business during the spring, the temptation is to say it's a non-issue — it certainly doesn't seem like much of a big deal — as evidenced by the university's refusal to self-impose penalties. On the other hand, as Tony Barnhart says, if it is indeed a non-issue, why is it even a story?

— Stuff previewing the actual football season: 3SiB profiles the Tide's linebackers; Cecil says this preseason is a mirror image of last year's (h/t:; BSR looks at the scholarship numbers one last time; Birmingham writes that this Alabama defense wants to be as good as the '92 version. I think we all remember how that turned out. Don't we?

— Other preview stuff: Fox Sports sees a conference wide rebound in '09, and SI's SEC preview (h/t: puts Florida and Ole Miss in Atlanta. Wait ... what?

— Other assorted things: CHSB takes its turn blistering the SEC's draconian media policy; Mr. SEC tells you why Utah & Florida should've made it work; and EDSBS suggests potential causes of Tim Tebow's latest injury.
–Tweaked it while throwing golden calf worshipped by UF MBA students into cauldron of fire.
–Overprayer injury from particularly intense church meeting.
–Recurring soreness from a prior, ill-advised public feat of strength.
–Threw it out after three straight years of making furious love to the game of college football, the only kind of sex he has had.

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