Sunday, August 30, 2009

Monday: game week ... and links

And yes, believe it's real. By the time you read this (hopefully) we'll be into Monday of Game Week.

An embarrassing confession: I've barely had time to get excited for the upcoming season for much of this month, mainly due to the craziness at work (more on that later). But I'm planning the full-on Game Week routine this week — 'tube, weekly lines and so forth. That begins, of course, with Monday links.
Before we get there — and only because I'm obsessed with those "Where Amazing Happens" 'Bama vids — here are two more, both Prothro-related.

Let there be no doubt: I'm ready to roll (tide).

— The biggest story of the week (literally) is Terrence Cody's case of the swine flu, which undoubtedly has made him one of the more unpleasant people in all of Tuscaloosa. Honestly, I'm not entirely sure he'll be able to play at full strength on Saturday, if at all — weight loss and inactivity aside, having the flu takes a lot out of you, and it can take a while to recover.
Nick Saban's contract extension went mostly unnoticed this week, but it is an important step to securing the program for the foreseeable future. Does the contract necessarily keep Saban in place? No, but as Scarbo notes, the power he has just might. Also, Ray Perkins apparently likes it, too. So that's ... somethin'.
— As a former lineman, I definitely dug this: has a series up on the OLs. Speaking of which, looks at the matchups up front with VT, and, in former OL news, Andre Smith finally signed with Cincinnati. Yay?

— Various sites are still slapping up previews: here are two from OTS and
Speaking of Fox, they also slapped up a vision of this year in crazy.
— For those who haven't heard, Michigan took a publicity hit this weekend after some damning newspaper reports. Courtesy of 3SiB, here's some thoughts on the situation.
On the first hand, it’s an indication that Rich Rodriguez failed to really sell his program to the team. That happens, though usually not so early in a coach’s tenure. One season? Wow. You expect the infusion of the first recruiting class to result in players giving the standard quotes: “We didn’t really buy in last season, but this year we’re committed…” What you do not expect are multiple players going to the press to turn in their own program. Regardless of what the NCAA might do, the most damning thing for Rich Rodriguez is the mutiny that’s currently going on. Just ask Houston Nutt what happens when your players publicly criticize your coaching. Better yet, ask John Mackovic.

— And finally, click on this link, and tell me it's not the greatest gameday shirt of all-time.

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