Saturday, January 30, 2010

idea for the weekend: Dynasty Park

Hat tip to my buddies from for this one: Dynasty Park, in Tuscaloosa.

Feel free to share your own thoughts, as always, in the commentary section.


-D. said...

I know most of the crowd is against it, just because of how it looks. But I think if it's a hotel and conference center, it would be OK. However, the word is that it's a "mixed-use" development with condos, a hotel, etc. I wonder what genius decided that more outrageously-priced condos were a good idea considering the empty units in the Gameday condos right down the street, or the unsold units at the "Legends," "Houndstooth," etc. developments that have popped up in the last few years.
Tuscaloosa could certainly use a nice, new hotel and conference center--and it would be in use all year, bringing in revenue. I seriously doubt there is really a market for luxury condos that people will use 8-10 weekends per year. The folks seem to think that's where this is targeted. I for one hope that these developers aren't that shortsighted.

--:: Eric St. Clair::-- said...

I'm more against where its proposed location is. Its looks are second. A huge-ass, gaudy building right up on the edge of campus dedicated to people who come to Tuscaloosa only 8 times a year. hell no. I've shown the thing to all kinds of people that actually live here and their reactions were all negative. put the damn thing downtown where mike and ed's used to be. you know, the lot they already cleared to build more condos. I'm all for a cool hotel/conference center for Tuscaloosa. It's my understanding that we'd have one (a la Stan Pate) if we could sell alcohol on Sundays but that's an argument for another day. But this is a hotel/condos thing for football gameday use first.

Oh, and if you disagree with me, you're obviously a damn jealous auburn fan.