Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"Lost" Wednesday: only 6 days 'till theory becomes ... well, more theory

Before I get into today's "Lost" post, here's the best video I've seen so far of the Oceanic 815 crash — edited in real-time, "24" style.

Anyway, since the season premiere is now only six days away — nice job by ABC to run last season's finale last night, only it's "annotated" version (footnotes at the bottom attempted to explain what you were seeing) — here's a list of the chief conflicts taking place on the show, or, at least, the ones I can remember. Feel free to add your own thoughts in the commentary section.

• Destiny vs. Freewill (in the persona of Jack vs. Locke). After watching some old episode via Hulu, it's impossible to ignore repeated references to "destiny/fate" and "choice." Not sure which one wins.
• Jack vs. Sawyer; Juliet vs. Kate. A weirder love mess I can't fathom. No idea who's going to end up with who.
• Charles Widmore vs. ... Everybody? Once again, I have no idea whether Widmore (and possibly Mr. Paik) are the good guys, or if Ben & The Others are evil, or whatever.
• Sun & Jin vs. Whatever Weird Time Warp Separated Them. For whatever reason, their relationship is special. I'm convinced.
• Ben vs. Sayid. Not sure who's going to win here either, but there will be lots of blood shed.
• Jacob vs. The Man in Black/The Smoke Monster/Fake Locke. The conflict that's apparently been defining the Island since the beginning of time.

You get the idea.

UPDATE: has a list of 10 questions we need to answer in this final season. Pretty comprehensive. Although they left out the one about how people keep getting knocked out repeatedly with one blow to the head, then wake up later with no repercussions.

It's rare that you watch a TV show and have no idea what's going to happen — for example, anyone who watches "24" knows that eventually Jack's going to stop the terrorists, even if he has to torture the whole world and endure some kind of physical and/or emotional pain along the way. But, when it comes to the final season of "Lost" ... when I say I have no idea, I mean I really have no idea.
But I'll be watching.

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