Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday mid-day: like you didn't wish you were there, anyway

My friend The WarBlogler messaged me this morning in the hopes that I "hate the Saints." As usual, I disappointed him: not only do I not hate the Saints (I'm pretty much ambivalent when it comes to the pros) I was definitely rooting for them last night: not only was it an opportunity to watch Brett FailFavre come up short on the big stage yet again, not only was a New Orleans-Indy Super Bowl the absolute best possible matchup, it was an opportunity to see, well, this.

Saints Video: Bourbon Street

As if New Orleans isn't cool enough anyway.

Anyway, here are some links to move your Monday along.
— Tailback related links: Roy Upchurch received a late invite to the Senior Bowl (good work, Upchurch!); and Gentry sits down with Eddie Lacy.
— Some possible recruiting news: Opelika's Corey Grant, who committed to 'Bama during the summer, is re-thinking said commitment ... maybe? Nobody seems to know. In case you're curious, here's how Alabama fared in the recruiting rankings, according to the Press-Register. Also, Mr. SEC tallied up the commitments and ranked them according to points. Or something.
— Since we're talking about possible incoming players, we might as well talk about those who are leaving. BSR has an excellent series on the outgoing series — here are Parts 1 and 2.
— Two more links looking ahead to 2010, both from the T-News: first, the linebacker corps will have to reload; and Kerry Murphy reflects on an incredible year in his life.
— Also, in case you haven't noticed, Alabama won a basketball game Saturday. I'd say more, but I don't want to steal any of Whit's thunder.

Elsewhere ...
— Remember when we posted about Urban Meyer, his stress level and so forth? Well, it turns out he may not be taking a leave at all. That news comes in the wake of this story, that his old buddies Kiffin & Orgeron were telling prospects that ESPN had him lined up to replace Lee Corso on the "Gameday" set. Classy bunch. Oh, and Mr. SEC thinks Urban is putting himself at unnecessary risk.
— Finally, because I know it will make Peter happy, here's a post from last week explaining why UGA was successful in the last decade (hint: it's not because of Mark Richt's hairline).


Henry said...

Reasons why I hate the Saints:
1) The five-years-running theme that the Saints winning the Superbowl will alleviate all the damage caused by Hurricane Katrina (admittedly, this is primarily caused by the media). This gives people a warm feeling which then leads to widespread bandwagoning. I hate bandwagoners. Therefore, I hate the Saints.
2) The right side of Drew Brees' face

-D. said...

God, I love Bourbon Street.

Sh said...

God, I love Bourbon.