Monday, November 30, 2009

mid-Monday links: like deja vu all over again

Could this week have any more hype? Let's try ...

That work for you? Alright then.

— First off, the boys at Tower of Bammer post a video retrospective of the regular season. As with most things related to ToB, it's hilarious and quite profane.

Also, because the boys at BSR are good like this, here's a retrospective on some of the best drives in Alabama history. Not included: John Parker Wilson's valiant march at the close of the 2005 Auburn game, capped off by a two-point conversion to make the final a respectable 28-18. Classic.

— Standard preview stories, first from RBR, who will have us know that Florida is (kind of) human this time around. But the Gators looked pretty dominant vs. Florida State last week, even if FSU is fading quickly and should've changed regimes at least two years ago. So, feel free to chew your nails down to the cuticles.
— Injury report: coach Saban says Mark Ingram "should be fine" for Saturday. Know who won't be fine? Me. I'm decidedly not fine.
(One other note, because my cousin pointed this out: anybody know what's up with Robby Green? Ali Sharrief played most of the game at the "other" safety position, and Green did play enough to register one unassisted tackle. What gives?)
— Is an Alabama-Florida rematch possible in Pasadena? The answer is no ... and yes? Also, it's still possible to have a gate-crasher in Pasadena, too. And, if you're into conspiracies, the BCS Guru has one.

— In news completely unrelated to last weekend or this one, Alabama's hoop squad finished 2-1 over the weekend, complete with a clutch win over Michigan yesterday. I was just excited to turn on the game Thursday and see someone not named "Gottfried" coaching the team.
— And finally, because a) this blog probably needs something on the Tiger story and b) I want more of you to read Joe Posnanski and understand how good he is at writing ... here's JoeP's blog about the Tiger story.

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-D. said...

Am I the only person in the world who doesn't give a rip about Tiger Woods and his fender-bender/domestic dispute/whatever? Really, I don't care at all. But I will read Posnanski's piece, because I too like his writing (thanks to the various articles you've shared with me, mostly relating to the Royals).