Monday, November 2, 2009

Tuesday 'tube: same song, different verse

As we noted this blog earlier, this is actually the fourth time in the past five seasons Alabama and LSU will meet with the SEC West on the line.

The fortunate thing: there should be considerably less Nick Saban chatter this time than either of the past two seasons. The last two seasons meant a little too much to both sides, specifically because of the Saban angle. This time around it's the biggest game of the season ... but it shouldn't feel like a life experience.

Anyway, here are a few of those memorable moments against LSU from recent memory.

(Note: This was prior to the '05 game, when Jamarcus Russell stuck a knife in our hearts in overtime. How that jet didn't crash into the construction at BDS, I'll never know. Perhaps that's why I'm not a pilot.)

And, my favorite ...


UmcMatt said...

Two things:

1. On the flyover video, if you watch between :06 and :08 you will see closeups of Robert and Donald Miller. My brothers.

2. The goal line stop ends with a player injured. Was that Constant that got hurt? I can't remember who it was, but I remember that they were a pretty big part of the defense that year and they never played again.

dbh said...

You are correct on the player who got hurt: it was Marvin Constant (45) who so thoroughly wrecked his knee on that particular play, he was never really the same (there was a brief controversy in the immediate aftermath about whether the game should've been stopped, which would've given LSU another play, but it never amounted to much). Constant actually was a mere redshirt freshman on that team (he'd taken the place of Travis Carroll, who transferred to Florida and was badly over-hyped anyway) and pretty much had to give up football after that.
Another fun part about that particular play: Brian Koroknay lost his mind in the immediate aftermath, and poured his Coke all over a very angry Peter von Herrmann. Oh, the memories.