Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thursday lines: rivalries and apprehension

Currently, I'm watching the Texas-Texas A&M game and trying not to be nauseous. So let's post this week's lines in an effort to think about something else.
As always, lines for this week are courtesy of

Rutgers (-3) at Louisville
Alabama (-10) at Auburn
(Note: I'd take 10 in a heartbeat. Seriously.)
Nebraska (-11) at Colorado
(Note: Sign of the economic times — the Dan Hawkins situation at Colorado, in which his prodigious buyout will prevent any attempt to fire him until sometime next year. Kind of strange, isn't it? If you're Hawkins, do you really want to stay at Colorado and steal money like that? It makes me think of George Costanza's job at Play Now.)
Pittsburgh (-1) at West Virginia
Nevada (+14) at Boise State
North Carolina (-6) at North Carolina State
Clemson (-3) at South Carolina
Syracuse (+14) at Connecticut
Wake Forest (-4.5) at Duke
Mississippi (-8) at Mississippi State
UCF (-3) at UAB
Southern Mississippi (+6) at East Carolina
Boston College (-6) at Maryland
Missouri (-3) at Kansas
(Note: Over/under for "number of Josey Wales jokes made during this game": 14. Take the over.)
Miami (-7) at South Florida
Florida State (+24.5) at Florida
Utah (+7.5) at BYU
Washington State (+24.5) at Washington
(Note: A rematch of what may have been the Worst College Football Game of All-Time, as winless UW took on 1-win Wazzu ... and the game came down to a missed FG in overtime. Horrendous. It's a little different this year, and thank God.)
Tennessee (-3) at Kentucky
Arkansas (+3.5) at LSU
Georgia (+7.5) at Georgia Tech
(Note: An unranked team playing on the road against its archrival is only giving 7.5? Curious.)
Notre Dame (+10) at Stanford
UCLA (+13) at USC
Navy (-10) at Hawai'i

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