Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thursday lines: insert something witty

I'll be honest: I stayed up late last night watching the Yankees clinch another World Series title and didn't put much though into today's edition of Thursday lines. I didn't even realize who was playing tonight until I checked the board today.
Anyway, here's a "hype" video my brother Whit shared with me today, just for fun.

(Note: While we're on the subject, someone in the youtube overlord community got to our friend TideRolls67, took away all his awesome videos down & suspended his account. Ya know what, youtube? There was no need for that. There really wasn't.)

On then, with the lines.

Virginia Tech (-13) at East Carolina
(Note: Boise State is visiting La. Tech Friday, but that game appears to have come off the board.)

Purdue (+6.5) at Michigan
Syracuse (+21.5) at Pittsburgh
Maryland (+6.5) at North Carolina St.
Louisville (+20) at West Virginia
(Note: Remember when this game was the premier game in college football? It wasn't so long ago, really.)
Northwestern (+16.5) at Iowa
South Carolina (+7) at Arkansas
Texas A&M (-3) at Colorado
(Note: Two programs going in opposite directions. If the Buffaloes haven't completely quit on Dan Hawkins in 2009, then maybe I'm blind.)
Baylor (+14) at Missouri
BYU (-13) at Wyoming
Ohio St. (+4) at Penn St.
Oklahoma St. (-7.5) at Iowa St.
Army (+17) at Air Force
Duke (+10) at North Carolina
(Note: If Duke makes a bowl game, in the same season Alabama wins the SEC & BCS championships, we may have to sedate Ken Smith, just to be safe.)
LSU (+7.5) at Alabama
(Note: This opened at 10 and has steadily come down.)
Oregon (-7) at Stanford
TCU (-24.5) at San Diego St.
Memphis (+26) at Tennessee
Vanderbilt (+35) at Florida
Florida St. (+8.5) at Clemson
USC (-10) at Arizona St.
Oklahoma (-6) at Nebraska

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