Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thursday lines are late, but effective

Sorry for the lag today in getting out the weekend lines — real life, frankly, rudely intrudes us.

In any case, here are the lines, as always, courtesy of

South Florida (+2.5) at Rutgers
West Virginia (+10) at Cincinnati
Indiana (+25) at Penn St.
Tennessee (+5) at Mississippi
(Note: I can't think of a proper way to flame Tennessee for the events of last night. It's kind of like playing with someone else's crutches — if you don't stop, you'll be the next one who gets hurt.)
Syracuse (+8) at Louisville
Michigan (+9) at Wisconsin
Clemson (=8) at North Carolina St.
Georgia Tech (-13) at Duke
Texas (-24) at Baylor
Michigan St. (-3) at Purdue
Florida St. (+5) at Wake Forest
Northwestern (+5) at Illinois
Kentucky (-3.5) at Vanderbilt
Missouri (-1) at Kansas St.
Virginia Tech (-18.5) at Maryland
UAB (-1.5) at Memphis
(Note: Speaking of wildly entertaining, did you see Tommy West's presser after he got fired last week? You saw that, right?)
Colorado (+5.5) at Iowa St.
Nebraska (-4.5) at Kansas
Iowa (+17) at Ohio St.
Idaho (+31.5) at Boise St.
Stanford (+10.5) at USC
Boston College (-5) at Virginia
Florida (-17.5) at South Carolina
Washington (+13.5) at Oregon St.
Miami (-3.5) at North Carolina
UCLA (-17.5) at Washington St.
Auburn (+4.5) at Georgia
Texas A&M (+20) at Oklahoma
La. Tech (+24) at LSU
Alabama (-12.5) at Mississippi St.
Utah (+19.5) at TCU
Notre Dame (+7) at Pittsburgh
Texas Tech (+4.5) at Oklahoma St.

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