Tuesday, March 2, 2010

"Lost" blogging: Sundown

Welcome back to the "Lost" blog, our weekly attempt to comprehend what's taking place in the increasingly confusing universe that is this show. Tonight's episode: "Sundown." As with the last two weeks, please note that tonight's blog is running late, because I chose to watch through the magic of TiVo (no commercials — suck it, advertisers). As always, feel free to play along from home. Also always, please note: SPOILERS MAY OCCUR DURING THIS BLOG. Thank you.

Before we begin, a theory (and please note that I took great care to avoid twitter so as not to spoil the show for myself): thus far, we've seen three "regular" episodes of this show, all of them dealing in some way with the "war" between Jacob and FLocke, and their attempts to recruit members of the Castaways (the original Oceanic ones) to their respective sides. Thus far, we've seen Hurley and Jack recruited for Jacob; Sawyer recruited for The Dark Side. My guess is tonight we'll see FLocke attempt to court the Kwon Family.
(Note: Tonight's episode is apparently important enough that the producers chose not to spoil anything by showing any clips after last week's episode. Which counts for something, I think.)

A few questions before we get started:
• Jacob has said repeatedly that someone is coming to the Island. Who's coming?
• Does anybody care that Sun left her child somewhere in Seoul and doesn't seem all that interested in finding her again?
• Can I make it through this episode without making a joke about Big Cat Weekend II?
• Is this show actually going somewhere? Will I wish I could get back the hours of my life I'm spending on this?

Enough adieu, then. Let's begin.

9:11: Does anyone find it odd that I'm starting a blog that opens up with an Iraqi at 9:11? Just me? Never mind.
9:12: While it's not clear whether Sideways Sayid is enduring the same fate as his "first-run" self, remember that guy was on his way to L.A. to see Nadia as the result of a pact he made with the CIA to turn in his friend Essam for terrorist acts, only at the last minute he told his friend, who then shot himself in the head.
9:14: Apparently the Sideways Nadia is married to someone else. Who is her husband, though?
9:15: Omar is a stupid name. Also, Nadia's daughter has a giant unibrow.
9:16: Does Sayid look, I don't know, darker now?
9:17: Is Dogen referring to the scale where the dark and white stones were? In the cave?
9:18: 50 bucks says Dogen eats it here.
(Note: I lost. And also, I'm wrong about the episode — apparently it's going to be Sayid recruited to The Dark Side, not the Kwons.)
9:19: Recall that Locke and Claire were pretty close at one point back in Season 2. Locke even saved Aaron from Crazy Charlie and then punched Charlie repeatedly in the face.

9:21: Could Sideways Nadia's husband be a terrorist? Do we need to call in Jack Bauer?
9:22: Apparently we're going to try to discern whether Sayid is a good guy. This seems very literary. Maybe we're going to re-invent "Wicked" while we're at it.
9:23: Is Sayid putting on here, or is he really mystified by what's taking place?
9:24: OK, so why did they wait until now to sub-title our Japanese friend?
9:26: This sounds an awful lot like the assignment FLocke gave Ben last year.

9:27: This seems like the right time to mention that Naveen Andrews, in real life, talks like an incredibly effeminate British man and doesn't seem the least bit intimidating.
9:28: Take a drink if you just saw Jack.
9:29: Aw, dude, don't stab Kate.
9:30: Can anyone tell me what game (if any) Miles is playing with the cards?
9:31: God bless Miles. They invented characters like that just for me.
9:32: If you let him speak, it's already too late.

9:34: Interestingly, Jacob willingly allowed himself to be killed. FLocke apparently won't allow that.
9:35: "If you do this for me, you can ride around in my big white stretch limo and roll Toomer's Corner."
9:36: Sideways Sayid isn't quite as dangerous, apparently. Although there's a 100 percent chance he's about to cause Nadia to be unfaithful to ... Omar.
9:37: Wait, this dude is his biological brother? I though that was just an expression.
9:38: I guess I should have found something noble about Sideways Sayid saying he "doesn't deserve" the only thing "Real" Sayid ever wanted, but really I'm just bored by the whole plot.
9:39: Could Kate be going over to The Dark Side, too?
9:40: Claire is singing "Catch a Falling Star."
9:41: Remember that Claire said last week, "If Kate really had Aaron, I'd kill her."

9:43: "Mischief, thou art afoot.Take what course thou wilt."
(That's my English minor being put to good use. Which makes like the third time since I graduated.)
9:45: Oooo, the car's black, too! Just like Sayid's heart! Good grief.
9:46: No kidding — it's Martin Keamy! He's a bad man even in the Sideways World.
9:47: A lot of people are competing for Sayid's brain, in this world and the Sideways one.
9:48: Real-World Sayid would shoot Keamy about 60 times and spit on the corpse.
(Sideways Sayid did, too.)
9:49: Oh come on.

9:50: Remember that Jack asked Dogen about the baseball earlier, and he said, "It's a baseball." But apparently it's more than that.
9:51: The puzzle is becoming complete. Kind of.
9:52: Remember that among the Castaways, Sayid is the one who Jacob didn't help. In fact, it's possible Jacob caused Nadia to die.

So it's possible Sayid isn't a huge fan of Jacob's.
9:54: Sayid is the one who's going to be doing the killing today, apparently.
9:55: I was just thinking, "Can't you kill the white guy too?"
9:56: The special effects for each Smoke Monster attack are surprisingly bad.
9:57: Oh, Sayid still ahs some unfinished business with Mr. Linus, no?
9:58: Also worth noting: Ilana brought Sayid back to the Island. So they may have some talking to do, also.
9:59: That version of "Catch A Falling Star" is creepy.
10:00: Wait, so FLocke has his own army now? And Kate's marching with them?
(Not marching with them: Sawyer.)
[end of episode]

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