Wednesday, March 10, 2010

some Thursday Webb, with a few extra links

Let's start today's rainy-day version of our links with some Webb, singing "Love is Different" ...

That song was our theme while we were in college. Which seems pretty pathetic now, I realize.

Here are some additional stops from around the Web.

— ESPN's Ivan Maisel has a little more on the Tide's visit to Washington. There's video included, which means you get to hear Ivan talking in his bizarre Southern-but-not-really drawl.
— OTS (who else?) has the definitive wrap-up of Pro Day in Tuscaloosa, which included the bizarre revelation that Rolando McClain has Crohn's Disease. Um, what?
— With spring practice almost here, here's a primer from Chris Low on the 'Bama defensive front. This is a bigger deal than you might think: if I've learned anything over the last few years, I learned that a good defensive front can make up for a lot of ills, including deficiencies in the secondary. So yeah, we need to be tough up front.
— Yes, I should say something basketball related before we wrap this thing, so here's a column from Jon Solomon about how the SEC's use of divisions in basketball is dumb.

— Jason Heyward related hype: Chop Talk has his 2010 player preview; and Chipper says his team will need him right from the jump.

— Miscellaneous: Dr. Saturday throws some cold water on the 2010 dark horses; EDSBS considers the implications of a fight between Greg Paulus and Tim Tebow; and Brian Cook considers the death of the big Top 25 meeting in the regular season. Games like this:

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-D. said...

I too was bewildered to hear that Rolando has Crohn's. (I have ulcerative colitis, which has similar symptoms, but it's confined to the colon, while Crohn's can affect the entire digestive tract.)
Knowing what the disease can do (and seeing what it did to my brother), Rolando McClain's stature has increased even more in my eyes. I guess in retrospect, it was better for our opponents. If the man were 100% healthy all the time, he might have killed somebody by accident.