Monday, March 8, 2010

Tuesday 'tube: we run this

Been a pretty good week in crimson. It started Saturday at halftime ...

(Note: Two funny things about this: the first, of course, is the ridiculous "controversy" caused by Nick Saban's "University of Auburn" slip; funnier to me is Greg McElroy, who you can clearly see in the background saying, "Boring.")
That's awesome, because it gives me an excuse to do this.

(One other note: my apologies to the president's press secretary, who today lamented the fact that football is actually a timed game, and the winner is declared after a full 60 minutes. Too bad, those damned rules.)
And the postgame Saturday was a lot of fun, also.

The best part came today: the Heisman winner, the SEC champs, the state champs and the national champs all showed up in D.C. for a little federal love.

Fun fact: of Alabama's last four national championships have coincided with the terms of the last three Democratic presidents (Carter, Clinton and Obama). Does that mean Alabama will go blue in 2012? Um, somehow I doubt it.

See you later today. Roll Tide.

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Amanda von Herrmann said...

And I think worth noting that the 1973 title was during a terrible time for Republicans, in the middle of Watergate, and Nixon resigned before the 1974 season began. The three before that were all in the 60's and thus during a Democrat presidency. 1934 and 1941 were during Roosevelt's terms. You have to go back to the first three to get other Republican presidents.