Tuesday, October 25, 2011

gameday texts: Tennessee week

Welcome back to "Gameday Texts," my own personal running thread for the weekend that was. One programming note: The phone battery died quickly after we entered the stadium Saturday, which will explain why there aren't more vitriolic messages from me during the first half. As always, each message appears, complete with time stamp, as it does in my phone, and each one is [sic]d. Additionally, some material may be mildly offensive, but just mildly. Feel free to complain here, or by finding me on Twitter.

Me (8:36 a.m.) Herbs just called Auburn's special teams play "outstanding." Presumably he's referring to the fact that Florida dropped 4 punts last week.

Maguire (8:47 a.m.) #godthing, right?

Dad (11:06 a.m.) You forget one down and the whole stadium turns on you.

Rob (11:48 a.m.) Score!! Broke through the firewall at work to stream games!!

Kurt B (11:58 a.m.) So the Dawgs now play Daphne, who lost to McGill last night, in the first round ...
Me (12:01 p.m.) Yay?
Kurt B (12:03 p.m.) Any word on how good the basketball team will be?

Halcombe (12:13 p.m.) A Suburban passed me on the highway with an HP laser printer 11x17 Ga. State Panther sticker. Didn't know their popularity had increased so much in one year?

Jamie (12:17 p.m.) Arkansas failed to realize they have a game today.

Me (12:21 p.m.) Someone from Oxford just yelled "Giggity!"

Maguire (12:22 p.m.) Rev. Nutt must have prayed hard this week.

Halcombe (12:41 p.m.) If u are not Kevin Brown, or a member of his immediate family, or an idiot who paid $1,200 4 a Rangers' polo, then u shouldn't be wearing said polo ... in Macon. 

Dad (1:06 p.m.) Why can't the newspaper be more truthful and honest?

Me (2:04 p.m.) "It's OK. We're donating all the proceeds to breast ... breasts."

Whit (2:06 p.m.) Who runs a stretch play from his own goal line?! your darn right, houston nutt
D. Hardin (2:07 p.m.) I miss Arkansas come back ... what happened?
Me (2:46 p.m.) Arkansas remembered Ole Miss is terrible.

Halcombe (2:03 p.m.) Every pogo stick story in history turns on, "I was doing great until ... and then I busted my ass and broke my ..."

Jamie (2:08 p.m.) Clemson resembles auburn '10 more every week.

Me (2:35 p.m.) If there was a day for Gus to turn it loose, today is it. Nothing to lose.
Zach (2:37 p.m.) Nah. Play field position.
Whit (2:45 p.m.) Parkey kid from auburn is wearing boxers with thigh pads. Apparently nobody's knee pads touch their intended area.

Halcombe (3:33 p.m.) Are those those FSU Glitter Guys who swear they're not gay?

Maguire (4:57 p.m.) CBS shows LSU fans waving as if to fan away the smell of something. I guess they don't realize that the corn dog smell is coming from inside the stadium.

Jamie (5:51 p.m.) LSU: they want bama
Halcombe (5:26 p.m.) Paginator's fun with headlines for Picayune ... "Tigers Win"

Halcombe (5:43 p.m.) I'm guessing my 3-year-old's daycare sent his football drawing to Maryland? That's honestly my only guess.

Maguire (6:01 p.m.) Half the people above us are wearing that puke orange. I hope those were already visitor tickets and not sold to the hillbillies by our faculty and staff.
Me (6:10 p.m.) From up here, I think I can take that idiotic cheerleader out. 

Whit (6:26 p.m.) Throw it to somebody in a red shirt!

Me (6:44 p.m.) Continuing our sterling record of fast starts in 2011.

Me (6:52 p.m.) One positive note about Dooley's orange pants: He is visible all the time.
Whit (7:15 p.m.) Dooley cusses like coach saban

Maguire (7:27 p.m.) We sure do a lot of stupid crap in the stadium this year. Did we hire some MLB folks to come in and rework everything?

Maguire (8:07 p.m.) They seriously just called Clinton-Dix "HaHa" over the PA.

Halcombe (8:08 p.m.) Believe FSU's Glitter Guys got their hands on Notre Dame's helmets.

Maguire (8:10 p.m.) Once again, glad #15 has good hands.
Maguire (8:11 p.m.) President Palmer approves.

Maguire (8:12 p.m.) AJ, settle the f*** down.

Halcombe (8:27 p.m.) By my watch, the tide are officially at "Route 30."

Maguire (8:31 p.m.) Crap, Eli is calling him "HaHa" too. Groan.
Halcombe (8:39 p.m.) Derek Dooley's mommy: "Eff you, 'Bama. Eff you."
Maguire (10:30 p.m.) SPARTANS!

Maguire (12:54 a.m.) 8-0. Roll Tide.

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