Tuesday, October 4, 2011

gameday texts: week 5 edition

Welcome back to "Gameday Texts," this blog's own personal version of an open thread. This week's version suffered somewhat from my phone battery dying (of course it did) but still was enjoyable. As always, the timestamp and name next to each text appears exactly as it does in the phone, and all message are [sic]d. Also, as always, a word of caution: some of the language may be a tad abrasive. Please feel free to complain here or by finding me on Twitter.

Me (11:46 a.m.) Arkansas has apparently decided to quit running the ball altogether.
Rob (11:47 a.m.) Wouldn't u?
Jamie (11:50 a.m.) Stil in the fetal position from last week
Zach (12:15 p.m.) Apparently have quit playing defense altogether as well.

Dad (12:39 p.m.) Arky is awful!

Travis P (12:53 p.m.) Shirts say shut up Gary.

Jonathan Page (1:31 p.m.) Roll Tide!!

Whit (2:04 p.m.) Beware the jorts
Me (2:04 p.m.) 1st jorts sighting was on the way in.
Whit (2:05 p.m.) Roll

Dad (2:08 p.m.) So maybe Arky is not awful.

Me (2:29 p.m.) How many major-distance penalties in this one?
Rob (2:30 p.m.) I hate that helmet to helmet crap

Me (2:56 p.m.) More prevalent than jorts: cleavage.
Whit (2:57 p.m.) Werd

Me (3:16 p.m.) 5th quarter with Gary Danielson?! Where do I sign up?
Rob (3:17 p.m.) Ummm I 'm good with just 4, unless he is buying the drinks
Maguire (3:18 p.m.) I'm in, if I can punch him in the face.

Jonathan Page (3:23 p.m.) Quick ... would you rather face a twice or thrice defeated Auburn in the Ironbowl ... or an undefeated SC in the SEC (assuming we get there, HUGE assumption)

Rob (4:02 p.m.) Auburn's best play is when they don't block

Me (4:47 p.m.) Currently we're at the traditional Dog Vol Gator Tiger Walk of Champions.
Jamie (4:19 p.m.) We were there in 07 some nimrod came to our tailgate, made himself barf and walked off.

Me (4:50 p.m.) I can neither confirm nor deny that Muschamp shouted "LET'S KNOCK THESE MUHFUGGAHSZ OUT"
Maguire (4:51 p.m.) Wouldn't it be a Gator Waddle? I thought they couldn't walk straight.
Rob (5:29 p.m.) Watch out for Jean shorts!
Rob (5:32 p.m.) Yeah jorts and silicone that's gainsville

Dad (4:54 p.m.) This aubie-carolina game is as ugly as a bowling shoe.

Me (6:03 p.m.) The concession stand here sells turkey legs.
Maguire (6:05 p.m.) I would say that goes well with jorts ... but then, I like turkey legs.
D. Hardin (6:09 p.m.) Hales yea!!! Pull through down there in the lilly infested Marsh ... its not a swamp in my mind!

Whit (6:15 p.m.) Are they stanky legs?

Me (6:30 p.m.) Think I've seen every Florida highlight from the last 2 years already.

Whit (6:15 p.m.) Also ... Aubs
Jamie (6:30 p.m.) Shreveport!

Me (6:45 p.m.) Also, we just said the Pledge of Allegiance.
Maguire (7:00 p.m.) Did they pray to Tebow yet?

Dad (7:07 p.m.) Is that constitutional?

Rob (7:10 p.m.) Nice they showed tebow crying on CBS

D. Hardin (7:13 p.m.) Did he really just get to the corner on us?
Me (7:17 p.m.) They real fast.

Halcombe (7:33 p.m.) For a brief second you could hear Saban mumbling "it better not go effing right."
Rob (7:40 p.m.) Yeah dre looks slow
Travis P (8:07 p.m.) Dre — no draft for you

Halcombe (7:35 p.m.) My boys are practicing "modified interrogation methods" on a throw pillow with NERF swords. Should the UN be contacted?

Halcombe (7:40 p.m.) Is Obi Wan wearing Crimson? I swore Force powers forced that UF receiver out of bounds.

Rob (7:41 p.m.) Never came down with the ball should be incomplete but these refs are retards
Me (7:43 p.m.) Got lucky 2 times.
Me (7:44 p.m.) 3 times. Sorry.

Dad (7:46 p.m.) Made it easy for them.

Maguire (7:49 p.m.) I hope those are the only breaks we need tonight.

Dad (7:51 p.m.) I love Gary. He is always RIGHT.

Rob (7:55 p.m.) We look unorganized
D. Hardin (7:58 p.m.) Can we please get someone that can get the kickoff into the endzone and not the 10 yard line

Halcombe (7:57 p.m.) Saw a shirtless Bama fan beside a red headed chick. Anything you'd like to say for yourself?

Maguire (8:36 p.m.) Saban to A.J. as he came to the sideline: "Calm the f down!"
Rob (8:36 p.m.) Saban told mccarron to settle the f down
Rob (8:36 p.m.) And muschamp was caught on tape saying get your ass in the game to the ref

Dad (8:40 p.m.) Their defense is losing their cool.

Maguire (8:45 p.m.) Brantley may have hurt his knee pretty good there.
Maguire (8:46 p.m.) Sucks for them, he's a tough kid.
Rob (8:48 p.m.) No one has any idea how or when uf called a timeout on that fumble and bama rd

Dad (8:48 p.m.) White hat called it a fumble and did not blow it dead.

Me (8:56 p.m.) Other things I've learned: Apparently Gainesville frown on people drinking out of marked containers. They don't mind you getting trashed, mind you — they just prefer you do it from a cup.
Rob (9:00 p.m.) Well we were kicked out of a bar the last time we were down there but wasn't due to container issues

Moody (9:23 p.m.) Well if your gonna light a gu up on a punt ... that's how you do it.

Me (9:56 p.m.) Through all kinds of weather we'll all stick together.

Whit (10:01 p.m.) For FLORIDA!

Whit (10:06 p.m.) Leave no doubt
Me (10:07 p.m.) Night night boys.
Maguire (10:08 p.m.) They all heading home?

Me (10:13 p.m.) Still think Florida wins the East.
Rob (10:17 p.m.) Dunno depends on Brantley the rest of the way

Dad (10:19 p.m.) Georgia thinks they are still in it.
D. Hardin (10:20 p.m.) Nope not without QB

Rob (10:23 p.m.) They play lsu next week so they will have 2 losses in the sec

Maguire (10:15 p.m.) Guess we'll score the "eff-you" touchdown and then get Sims a few snaps.
Rob (10:18 p.m.) Umm ok I think we are worthy of the ranking now

Dad (10:28 p.m.) You should have no trouble getting out tonight.
Rob (10:31 p.m.) Gimme som Rammer jammer!!

Rob (10:33 p.m.) Nice work
Maguire (10:33 p.m.) 5-0. Roll Tide.
Travis P (10:41 p.m.) Rtr

Jamie (11:36 p.m.) Bama is a very very good ball team. Offense better than I thought it would be. Good win.

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