Sunday, October 9, 2011

gameday texts: week 6

Going to try to cobble together a few thoughts from yesterday's win over Vanderbilt, which are limited because I was in Opelika welcoming my cousin Rob's new bride Erin to our family. In the meantime, here's a smattering of text messages received throughout the day, related to all manner of things. Note that today's edition includes very little input from either my brother Whit or my dad, as both were in the flesh for much of Saturday (Rob is also missing, since he was, you know, getting married). As always, the timestamp and name appears as it does in my phone, and all messages are [sic]d. Some may be mildly offensive, and you can complain about that here or by finding me on Twitter.

Halcombe (6:48 a.m.) When asked about facing the Tigers' Justin Verlander in the ALCS, Rangers' mgr. Ron Washington responded with: Lemme holla. Lemme holla holla holla holla atcha.

Me (8:37 a.m.) TEXAS
Audra (8:38 a.m.) Sucks

Halcombe (8:44 a.m.) Schlereth, there is nothing BOLD about saying McNabb will throw over 300 yds. vs. Arizona.

Jamie (9:58 a.m.) RIP Al Davis. Dead for 12 years, finally stopped breathing.

Me (10:09 a.m.) Why is Brent yelling?

Maguire (10:10 a.m.) He must be going deaf.
Zach (10:11 a.m.) Someone is biting his taint?

Me (12:33 p.m.) How do you like your Bevo?
Audra (12:34 p.m.) Raw and bloody

Me (1:07 p.m.) UAB applying for membership in the Big East. 
Me (1:08 p.m.) Today's game vs. State is their resume. 
Maguire (1:08 p.m.) I'm not sure what to say about that.
Jamie (1:08 p.m.) Hopefully state will do the same

Travis P (1:09 p.m.) Loser of the egg bowl 2011. Kicked out of the sec. Looking like the best move for the conference and the losing school.

Me (6:15 p.m.) Chris Stewart described Hanks' first catch as "incredible." He may need to calm down.
Whit (6:16 p.m.) Yeah he no funny

Maguire (6:21 p.m.) Calm the F down, Chris.

Me (6:35 p.m.) Also, Vandy has an LB named "Fugger."

D. Hardin (6:36 p.m.) i'm sorry what did you just call me?
Maguire (6:36 p.m.) I hope his nickname is "Muh."

Me (6:54 p.m.) They know we're running screen on 3rd & medium.

Travis P (7:11 p.m.) "mccarron underneath" would be a nasty drinking game

Whit (7:33 p.m.) someone just stabbed bramlett's dog

Me (8:24 p.m.) AU game may not end until midnight.

Jamie (8:28 p.m.) when you have told the opponent "I aint throwing". You're finished.

Me (8:41 p.m.) I can't think of one subject I want to hear David Pollack & Jessie Palmer discuss.
Jamie (8:42 p.m.) I have one. How terrible barret trotter is. Should be an easy discussion
Maguire (8:44 p.m.) They should discuss Jesse's appearance on "The Bachelor" so Pollack can make fun of him.

Me (8:54 p.m.) ESPNU just wasted 10 minutes talking to Tom Luginbill about Vandy's recruiting.

Maguire (9:00 p.m.) 6-0. Roll Tide. 

Me (9:26 p.m.) What in God's name does Gus think is going to happen on a bubble screen to Lutzneknachrnenxd? Does he think he'll break 2 tackles & score?
Jamie (9:27 p.m.) He thought he would catch it
Jamie (9:28 p.m.) Besides, you see what happens when we attempt a pass longer than 10 yards

Me (10:10 p.m.) All hail Nebraska, singlehandedly keeping the white RB alive.
Jamie (10:11 p.m.) Its rumor that nebraska was forced to name their defense the black shirts due to affirmative action.

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