Friday, March 21, 2008

Tourney thoughts coming after the weekend. Right now, I want to focus on a funny thought my wife and I had today. I was showing her the NBA's new advertising campaign -- "Where Amazing Happens."

Here's an example ...

Needless to say, such an odd ad campaign has already spawned a number of imitators and parodies -- my favorite is the one inspired by Bill Simmons ...

Of course, Stacey's idea was to splice this parody idea with Alabama football. We hashed it out and decided on a self-deprecating parody encapsulating the last decade of Tide football would be best.
I'm opening it up to reader commentary. Here's what we've come up with so far.

(Shot of Ed Scissum fumbling)
"Where a screen pass for absolutely no reason happens."
(Shot of Mike Dubose)
"Where clapping incessantly happens."
(Spliced shot of La. Tech players celebrating)
"Where Louisiana Tech happens ... twice."
(Shot of Albert Means)
"Where nearly getting the death penalty happens."
(Shot of Dennis Franchione)
"Where false hope happens."
(Shot of Mike Price)
"Where 'it's rollin, baby' happens."
(Shot of Mike Shula looking confused)
"Where ????? happens."
(Shot of Brodie Croyle in a crumpled heap)
"Where a waste of four years happens."
(Shot of Nick Saban)
"Where 'I don't have time for this shit' happens."
(Shot of ULM players celebrating)
"Where a $4 million dollar 7-6 season happens."
(Shot of Tommy Tuberville gloating)
"Where losing to Auburn 6 straight years happens."

Alabama football ...
Where Amazing(ly Bad) Happens.

Did I leave anything out?


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