Saturday, March 29, 2008

a weekend of happy returns

With the tournament action sagging the last two days -- really, the only interesting game was Xavier-West-by-God, and Bob Knight's stint at ESPN has been predictably boring -- the Party is instead running a weekend youtube of Javi Arenas from the last two years.
You'll remember, then, this one ...

And then this one, to start off last season ...

Of course, as if his body of work wasn't enough, there's this one ...

(As a side note, I know you can't kill LSU for it -- since they wound up winning the game, I guess you could say "it worked out for the best," like many of the goofy things Les Miles did last year -- but why in God's name would you kick to Arenas in that spot? Really? On Alabama's entire roster there's, like, three guys who can hurt with the ball in their hands, and you willingly put the ball into the hands of one of them? Words can't describe how excited I am that The Hat stayed at LSU -- he was the only thing standing between that program and SEC domination for the next decade.)

Have a good weekend, folks.


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