Thursday, March 13, 2008

With spring training starting today, and the Alabama fan base collectively turning its back on the basketball team (not hard to do, but still), here are a few football links to get us started -- also, remember A-Day is scheduled for April 12.

-- OTS has a very thorough rundown of the offensive personnel headed into spring -- disclaimer: much of this is incomplete, since we don't know what contributions the '08 recruiting class will make once those guys arrive on campus in August.
-- Did Major Applewhite, as Capstone asks in this post, "suck?" Much like this time a season ago -- when many of the players who were so distraught over the firing of Mike Shula were suddenly touting the virtues of the new coaching staff and talking about how much better was the atmosphere compared to the previous regime -- the head coach and some of his key offensive personnel are touting the virtues of the new guy. Is this necessarily an indictment of the previous guy? Judge for yourself. Also, Rapper's story about McElwain leads off with a pretty humorous note.
-- Druid has the spring schedule, along with some thoughts of his own.

(Random thought: ever listened to a radio show online? Some of the commercials that break up the show -- cyber-bullying, mobile amber alerts and so forth -- are downright bizarre.)

-- Finally, just in case the links above didn't answer any question you could possibly have about spring, here's Tim Gayle, and


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