Monday, March 24, 2008

you've heard of the tournament, perhaps

Some random, scattered thoughts after the weekend that was in the NCAA:
-- I actually missed much of the Friday night action -- Stacey and I took in supper at the Olive Branch in Cahaba Heights and watched "Juno" at The Summit. And honestly? It was awesome. Relatively inexpensive food (in a cool setting -- the Olive Branch's outdoor deck) and a great movie. Very cool. Makes me miss having a regular schedule that allows me to do stuff like that.
(I can't recommend "Juno" highly enough as a date movie, by the way -- Ellen Page is hilarious, the music is good, and you may even cry at the film's denouement. A good outing all around.)
-- Simmons pointed this out last year, but I don't mind ripping the notion off: because of the NBA's new one-year age limit, the top seeds are better right now than they were, say, five years ago. You may have noticed it because the first round lacked a great deal of the excitement and upsets that you remember from a few years ago.
The good news? It makes the succeeding rounds much more fun to watch. Last year's tournament was superb from the Sweet 16 on. Just don't expect a George Mason-type run by any of the double-digit seeds.
-- Gene Wojciechowski wrote a really well-done column about Stanford head coach Trent Johnson's silly ejection in Saturday's tourney game against Marquette. A veteran coach should know better than to push his luck in that situation. He just should.
-- One other thing my wife was kind enough to point out: it's been one year since my broken leg. A toast, then, to the burial of my dignity.
-- I think I say this every year, but the officiating keeps getting worse. There were at least a dozen calls I saw on Sunday alone that were so abominable, had I been the head coach of the offended team, I think I'd have been thrown out and possibly arrested. It's amazing the NCAA can't get a handle on this thing. It's embarrassing.

I'm out of things to talk about. Maybe I'll have more tomorrow.


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