Monday, March 10, 2008

you need coolin ...

Way down inside, I'm gonna give you my links
Gonna give you every inch of my links

(Sorry — Zeppelin overtakes me at times)

In any case, on with the show ...
— Did anyone expect a notable curmudgeon like Paul Finebaum to dump on Brett Favre's retirement? No? You're new here, right?

— After some time spent blasting Tuscaloosa's city council, the university administration and everything else in the Druid City, Capstone has finally settled on a solution: run for mayor! I promise to use this blog to campaign for him, and if he needs a campaign manager ... ya know, just saying ... what? I AM a writer, after all, right?
Incidentally, the recent arrested development (that's a pun, see? I'm awesome at this!) in Tuscaloosa has spawned a new wave of photshop creations, as detailed here at The Wiz. Pretty funny stuff, really.

— Two MSM links: Peter King visits Afghanistan, and Simmons wonders "what if?" about the NBA.



bart-at-camp said...

Yeeeah, I won't be sharing that Finebaum article with my wife. I think she'd fight Paul over that one. Way off base, even for the greatest cynic since H.L. Mencken

dbh said...

No kidding -- in her advanced state of pregnancy, she might find that little dude and treat him like a member of the Dixie Derby Girls.