Tuesday, June 10, 2008

after further review ... it's "Rookie of the Year"

The pickoff play in question was absolutely done in "Rookie of the Year," not "Little Big League."

First, from "Little Big League" — and yes, this is definitely a balk (you can't fake a throw to first base, ever).

Sadly, I couldn't find Henry Rowengartner and the Cubs fooling the poor New York Met with an intentional walk and the hidden ball trick seen in yesterday's post, and since I haven't seen the movie in so long, I can't remember if that was a legal play or not. I'm leaning towards not, but it's probably unwise to nit-pick a movie in which a 12-year-old breaks his arm and suddenly throws 100 mph fastballs.

In any case, I'm supposed to be working here, so I'll toss out some links and move on.
— Haven't seen this one anywhere around the 'Sphere just yet, but here's a solid interview with Ian Rapaport. It's candid, slightly revealing and very fun to read.
— Speaking of cool interviews, here are parts one, two and three of an interview conducted by Capstone with Homer Smith. Sweet.
— What's up at Texas A&M? SMQ has more. Honestly, I'm prepared to root for the Aggies again ... now that there's no one named "Fran" on their sideline. I wish that dude nothing but the worst in life.
— Finally, some thoughts about Nick Saban's generous scholarship donation, from Cecil and Finebaum.



whitheath said...

I thought that as long as the pitcher wasn't on the rubber, he could make a move to first and not throw the ball. Then again, I've been known to be completely ignorant on the subject..........Daniel?

-D. said...

I thought the same thing, Whit. I can't find anything in the rule book that expressly prohibits faking a throw to first if your foot is off the rubber. If I can find it, though, I will post it.

Anonymous said...

This movie must be disqualified from serious baseball discussions on one important factor: it is a baseball game being played in the Metrodome - quite possibly the worst place to watch a game EVER. - Bart