Friday, June 20, 2008

a "Lost" Friday -- who's this guy? And what does he want?

The debate about who is Jacob, why his cabin keeps moving around and exactly what he wants continues to rage around "Lost" nerd circles on the Web.
Can we answer this question? Of course not. But here's what we DO know ...

: SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • We know that the location of Jacob's cabin is static. Ben walks right up to it without any trouble in Season 3, Hurley stumbles on it at the beginning of Season 4 ... but Locke needs directions to it to find it later that same season (and even then, Jacob's not actually there -- Locke meets two of Jacob's representatives instead).
  • We know that Jacob seems to enlist other dead people to represent him around the Island. In fact, in one earlier column, the writers from EW pointed out that each of the Oceanic 6 appears to have his own personal ghosts from the Island haunting him: Jack has his dad (who shows up in multiple places), Kate and Aaron have Claire, Hurley has Charlie (and apparently Mr. Eko?). The other two, we're not sure of just yet -- Sun seems haunted by Jin (who may not actually be dead), and Sayid's haunted by Ben (again, not dead). In other instances, Christian shows up to tell Michael, "you can go now" right before the barge blows up; Christian and Claire (dad and daughter, it turns out) give Locke his marching orders to save the Island. Also, there's that weird-o DHARMA dude Locke meets, whose ghost appears to be moving on a running loop.
  • We know we've heard Jacob say only one line in the show.

Do we know what any of it means? We don't.

Anyway, I'm short of time this week, but I'm more than open to theories in the comments section. Thanks in advance.


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