Thursday, June 26, 2008

try to make me go to rehab ...

We're going to try and get through this morning's links without any references to a certain sandwich shop.
(Note: for the record, I don't be-grudge any of the bloggers from the other side taking their shots -- I'd probably do the same thing if this were happening at Tennessee, LSU or even Auburn. What goes around comes around, I get it. Just know that the biggest tragedy here, to me, is a young man who's basically thrown away his life. Taht should transcend school allegiance. It doesn't, but it should. And one more for the record, the funniest take on this entire saga came from G4H, one of our very own.)

Here goes ...
-- OTS does what OTS does: an analysis of the '08 rules changes. I do like the spirit behind trying to speed up the games. But I don't think anything's going to change until someone stands up to the TV networks and tells them they can't dictate the breaks anymore.
-- WEA has a solid story about the disparity between conferences, mostly the fact that many of the bigger conferences still don't have a championship game.
This, by the way, is the biggest reason the BCS -- if we're going to stick with this outlandish system -- should dump the idea of "automatic" bids, and just take the best teams each year. Who cares if three SEC teams make it, or the conference champ from the lame ACC has to settle for the Gator Bowl? Bowl-game participants should be determined by the bowl reps themselves based on one overriding principle: what's the most attractive matchup available? Does anyone really care, for example, about the "traditional" Big 10-Pac 10 matchup in the Rose Bowl, particularly when that matchup includes freaking Illinois? Wouldn't you rather see USC pitted against a team that might actually give them a competitive game (like, say, UGA)?
Which reminds me: for a quick history of the BCS, check out BCS guru -- you forget how easy things were the first two seasons, before 2000 came along.
-- CC has the skinny on Richard Hendrix's draft situation, which was apparently favorable enough that Hendrix stayed in the draft and hired an agent. Hendrix, it seems, is a better pro prospect than my man Erwin Dudley, who's still toiling away in Turkey somewhere.
-- Images of football season, courtesy EDSBS.
-- Finally, Terry Bowden pokes his head out of the ground to discuss the Johns situation with Ray Melick.
Dammit. We almost made it all the way through.
Oh well.


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Peggy said...

The situation is incredibly sad, even from the other side (but does it really count since I go to UA?). I think it transcends school loyalties, but that's just me. He gave one of his now infamous pitbull puppies to one of my good friends; we all thought he was a good guy. I'm a bit embarrassed that he represented UA so badly, but mostly I'm disappointed for him. He had a future and he threw it away.