Monday, June 2, 2008

Monday links

An assortment of links to kill some time:

• Mark Bradley of the AJC posted some college predictions, even leading with this one:
Alabama will beat Clemson on Aug. 30 in the Georgia Dome. I’m not as high on the Tide as a year ago — I did, I’ll admit, get carried away on the zephyrs of Sabanmania — but I’m never high on the Tigers. And if Clemson is considered the class of the ACC, it tells us the expanded ACC has failed to evolve into the colossus many foresaw. (Fun fact: Since the league grew to 12 teams, the ACC champ is 0-3 in the Orange Bowl.)
• A week-old post I missed: RBR examines the lost senior class of '08. For the most part, he's right on point, even if he completely over-values Wallace Gilberry, someone I once described as "a nice player who does some nice things, and that's about it." Also, he failed to note Justin Britt's general jackassishness.

• A follow-up to last week's C&W Roundtable: TD posts a round-up of same. A number of people out there scared of Ole Miss ... and understandably so.

• Cecil Hurt discusses recruiting from Tommy Tuberville's perspective.

• Speaking of Tuberville, he, Charlie Weis and Mark Richt were all involved in a roundtable discussion of their own, chronicled here by Ivan Maisel.

• Finally, FreeDarko breaks down the NBA Finals as only he can. Worth noting: my grandmother would've enjoyed these Finals. She always did love the Celtics.


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