Saturday, May 31, 2008

"and now the benches empty "

And you knew this was gonna happen -- you could see it coming.

And maybe you're right, Simmons. Maybe the Lakers are better this time. Doesn't mean I can't get excited to see these two uniforms back in the Finals.



DiegoTutweiler said...

my two favorite moments in Celtic Basketball:
1) the Chief decks Bill Lambier

2) Bird picks up Rambis off the floor. Anyone in this era of basketball have the balls to show class like that?

dbh said...

It's actually a really weird moment, in the aftermath, I mean -- Worthy comes flying out of nowhere to knock down ... Rambis. And then Bird comes over and helps Rambis up. Really? Randomly bizarre moments of sportsmanship are what make pro sports interesting. To me, anyway.