Thursday, May 8, 2008

wednesday youtube on Thursday

One of the more legendary games in SEC history ...

OK, now that I've posted the video, let me clarify exactly why I'm doing it (as if I need to). It's not to torture my Auburn friends (seriously, it's not -- stop looking at me like that). And it's not only because of the goofy "earthquake" aspect of the game (not a huge deal -- in the SEC, there are at least 7 different stadiums that can generate the same amount of noise on the right night).
Actually, it's because of my own personal history -- during this game, my parents, then living in Eufaula, hosted a dinner/game viewing party. Being a child who was constantly hearing things like, "Go play outside," I went back to my room to draw ... something. Whatever it was, I needed a blue lead pencil. Running down the hall to show off whatever it was I was drawing, I turned my head to see the television, bumped the wall, snapped the pencil and -- here's where it gets a little weird -- forced the shards and a piece of the lead into my hand. Blood, crying, old men showing off their own scars ... the whole works. A few days later I was in a hospital being treated for blood poisoning.
I still carry a blue mark on my right hand from the affair. So thank you, Tommy Hodson. You gave me a really bizarre story to share with the half-dozen folks who read this blog.


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