Saturday, May 17, 2008

"Since when have you ever been entirely truthful?"

Sorry for the delay with this week's "Lost" review -- I've been on the road and fighting some manner of Black Death, which has hampered my blogging abilities, if only slightly. Not to mention, if you spend enough time watching girls' softball, it eventually affects your higher brain functions and your will to live.
As always, stop reading if you haven't seen the episode yet ... SPOILERS, blah, blah, blah.

This week's episode is synopsized here. And since we're pressed for time, here's the main quotation of the week:
"Since when you have EVER been entirely truthful?"

It's an accusatory question, asked by John Locke to Ben as the two of them (along with a thoroughly confused Hurley, who's like a five-year-old going to the dentist) march to The Orchid, whose symbolism is recorded here by EW.
One thing we've learned throughout this show: no one is being entirely truthful. Sawyer lies constantly; Sun lies about not understanding English (later, we see Charlotte do the same thing in reverse); Kate lies at every turn; Jack won't tell everything; The Others are never forthcoming about anything; Ben's a con man of the highest order. And so forth, and so on. The 6 who leave the island, we learn, are not only liars -- they've actually rehearsed a story together, as evidenced by Jack going over it once more before they leave the plane.
All of this leading to the one big question: what the hell is actually going on here? Is Benjamin the enemy? Charles Widmore? Mr. Paik? Jacob? Oceanic? The rep who shares her name with a former Nazi solider? Who's the bad guy here? Who are the good guys?
Most importantly, what's going to happen to the island?

As always, feel free to discuss in the commentary section below. For more musings, read the EW recap or TBL.


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