Tuesday, May 20, 2008

link me amadeus

We've officially entered the doldrums for a local sportswriter — no more preps until August, with little things like local golf tournaments and dirt-track features to keep us busy until then.

So let's try and pass the time by passing out a few links to tide us over. OK? OK.

— SMQ checks in with a hilarious rendition of Athlon in the classroom.
Math and Science. We know this group can put gold stars on the board. Now they have to prove they can do it without Kevin Polk, who led the homeroom in cross-multiplication of irregular fractions three years in a row. Seventh grader Courtney Drake and sixth grader Chase Stubblefield are the top two candidates to take the helm of the pre-algebra class. Even though he solved only eight basic equations in his Timberlake Elementary career, Subblefield arrives with the reputation as a gunslinger whose decision-making process is sometimes short-circuited by his supreme confidence and high blood sugar after brownie day in the cafeteria.
— Worried about the academic standing of the nation's #1 recruiting class? Like a bridge over troubled water, RBR will ease your mind.
— Capstone eulogizes the Steve Spurrier Era, which appears to be passing in front of our eyes.
I'll say this for Spurrier: out of all the coaches in the SEC, he's still the one who inspires the most fear and trepidation from opposing fans, just by showing up. One of the fun stories from the 2006 season was the one about Auburn's Will Muschamp doing something unexpected on defense during their Thursday-night tango with South Carolina, causing Spurrier to junk his game plan and call the entire game completely out of his own brain. That's a telling story — not that it actually happened, but that you BELIEVE it could. That's the power of Spurrier.
— Druid is passing the summer by playing mascot games.
— Finally, EDSBS has indisputable proof that Lee Corso is a distant cousin to Mel Brooks.


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