Friday, May 30, 2008

"yes ... what do I mean?" ... a "Lost" Friday

Note: Now comes our analysis of the dramatic two-hour season 4 finale of ABC's "Lost," which continues to reach for new heights and confuse its devoted viewers with every episode. Here's hoping we can all work through our questions together in the following few paragraphs. As always, SPOILERS WILL OCCUR FOLLOWING THIS PARAGRAPH!!!! STOP READING IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THE EPISODE AND DON'T WANT IT SPOILED!!!! I CAN'T STOP SHOUTING AT YOU!!!!! AAAHHHHHHH!!!!!
Thank you in advance. You're the reason God made Oklahoma.

One of the greatest movies for obsessed nerds like myself in history is Keanu Reeve's "The Matrix" trilogy, and only because it's the sort of flick where nothing can go unnoticed -- every detail, every line from every character, everything may matter to the outcome of the story. And the more times you watch it, the more things you see.
This season was the one where "Lost" moved into "Matrix" territory, all capped off by the season finale: time-traveling bunnies, tapes that rewind themselves for no apparent reason, even a corpse that may or may not be John Locke. And all of it ultimately matters to the storyline at hand.
And with that, here are my things I think I think about the season finale.

-- I think we now know why Jack turns into a depressed, drug-addicted jackass: his dogged pursuit of a method off the Island ultimately got nearly all of the survivors killed. Keep in mind, as we discussed previously, the push to get off the Island was largely a product of Jack's own hubris: I promised I would get us off the Island, and I'm going to be the one who does that.
Well, here's the result of Jack's pride: not only are most of his loyal subjects now shark food; the Island -- and what remained of the survivors -- is also gone. And the ones who are still alive are doomed to a life of dishonesty and unhappiness. Congratulations, Dr. Giggles.
-- I think Ben's character continues to grow more complex, and it's become very difficult to discern what's truth and what's fiction from him. For example, did Ben really lose control of his emotions when he killed Martin Keamy, or was he well within himself, fully aware of the consequences when the man's heart stopped beating (important question from EW: why didn't Locke just put on the heart monitor himself?). Did Ben know he'd wind up in the Tunisian desert after he spun the wheel? Can Ben really not go back to the Island? And what did he mean when he told Locke, "I'm sorry I made your life so miserable"?
-- I think -- and I learned this also from the EW recap -- that Kate's mysterious phone message was someone saying, "The island needs you. You have to go back before it's too late." Which is interesting, because that message was followed immediately by a vision of Claire -- apparently Kate's personal ghost -- warning Kate, "Don't you dare bring him back."
-- I think I'm no geography expert, but I found myself confused by Hurley's assertion that they "sailed 3,000 miles" to Indonesia to be rescued. It's possible, given Hugo's tendency toward hyperbole, that he was exaggerating the whole thing. But if he isn't ... I mean, where exactly is the Island?
-- I think I enjoyed Locke's assertion that the Island is "a place where miracles happen." Because it seems to be a mixed bag -- Locke crashed on the beach and suddenly could walk again, while Rose says the cancer afflicting her left her body. But Jack suffered a ruptured appendix (possibly caused by his own hubris), Sawyer got personally hounded by a boar, Ben contracted a spinal tumor.
-- I think the storylines of Charlotte, Sawyer and Miles will be juicy sub-plots for next season. Miles has the ability to talk to the supernatural; Charlotte appears to have been born on the Island; Daniel ... actually, no one really knows what happened to Daniel. We left him with a group of people somewhere between the exploded boat and the disappearing Island. Did he move with the Island? Is he still out in the middle of the ocean? And what of the people on the boat with him?
-- I think now I see why the ladies love Sawyer. He's got a heart of gold. Also, he's about to start romancing Juliet, which will make for an odd reunion if the four of them -- he, Kate, Juliet and Jack -- all get back together at some point.
-- I think I enjoyed the return of Walt, given that I devoted an entire entry to him a month ago. We mustn't forget that Walt has some special powers of his own, and that he was devoted enough to the Island that he set his father's raft on fire wayyyy back in Season 1.
-- I think I don't understand the meaning of Sun's meeting with Charles Widmore. Is she double-crossing him? Is she going after Jack? Ben? Sayid?
-- I think the name "Jeremy Bentham" is another loaded "Lost" facet, as described here by TBL. Furthermore, as those guys say ...
And if you scroll down on the wiki, you see the term auto-icon, and wax head … and yup, THAT’S NOT LOCKE IN THE COFFIN! No way. It’s a fake. A cunning ruse by Ben to try and get Jack back to the island. ... There’s absolutely no shot that Locke is dead with two seasons left.
-- I think, finally, that the return party will be much larger than anyone realizes. Ben says none of them can go back alone, that they all must go back together. But who does he mean? Does Penny have to go with them? Lapidus? And will Kate and Aaron be willing to travel with them?

My head hurts. That's the effect this show has on you.


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