Thursday, May 1, 2008


More on Bob Costas' "Town Hall Meeting/Playa Hataz Ball": FJM de-constructs an old Buzz Bissinger column just for fun.

One thing I forgot to add in yesterday's post: I find it funny that many of the criticisms the old sportswriters' guard are leveling at the blogosphere are the same negative things they've been hearing from readers for most of their careers. In order ...
• You've never played, so you don't know anything (they've changed it to, "you don't get any access, so you can't say anything.").
• You just want to be negative and inflammatory.
• You're hurting the morale of the program by being so critical.

Of course, most of us don't want to hear these things, just as many politicians want to go on believing that none of their critics are truly relevant. But the truth is they ARE relevant, and if we keep carrying on with this ivory tower mentality, it's going to destroy us.

— Gump has a beautiful poem about Draft Day.
— EDSBS turns in its usual hilarity: Tommy Tuberville and his chop-blocking.
— The poor, pitiful Atlanta rotation.
— Simmons writes a eulogy for the fast-break Suns.


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