Thursday, June 19, 2008


For today, we're glossing over all the other big stories we've seen around the blogging watercooler — Tiger Woods playing three majors on one leg (winning two), the Celtics giving everyone another reason to hate Boston ... some dude saying he'll destroy Skip Bayless. We're going to skip over all that for this week's edition of the Crimson & White Roundtable.

As always, I offer the following disclaimer: I'm participating despite my steadfast refusal to label myself a 'Bama blog. And my answers should be taken as such. Also, I welcome vitriolic commentary. I always have.

Onward, then, with Roundtable IV. Thanks to this week's host — Third Saturday in Blogtober, themselves a site with diverse interests.

1) Thanks to Roy Kramer legacy scheduling, Bama is in its “road year” when most of the great games will be on the road and season tickets basically are buy one (Iron Bowl) get seven free. You get to swap one home game for one road game. What’s your call?

Is it too late to move the Auburn game back to a neutral site? Maybe we can't have it in Birmingham anymore — what with the crime and all — but what about trying somewhere unconventional like Talladega? The possibilities here are endless, aren't they?
But that's not the question. To wit, I'll trade Western Kentucky — also my response for #2 — and bring Arkansas back to campus. I don't like going to Fayetteville — not only is it located in East Jesus, some really wacky things (and I mean, REALLY wacky, like the offense getting to play with 12 men on the most important down of the game, or your very reliable kicker suddenly turning into a mental basketcase) happen when you go to Fayetteville.

2) After Clemson, our Non-Con schedule is pretty weak. You are able to trade any one them for any BCS team in the country. Who and why?

I'm a sucker for old rivalries, so we'll ditch Western Kentucky for Georgia Tech. Two trips to Atlanta in the same year (with the possibility of a third)? It's win-win, baby! Also, 'Bama fans get to witness one of the weirder football traditions in the country, shown below:

3) You can bring back one player from Alabama history to play in his college condition. Who do you want?

Ummmmm ... Paul Bryant? The one who played on a broken leg? Can we bring him back?
(Sorry -- I'm fulfilling a stereotype when I do that, I know. I couldn't help myself.)
For players from recent history who should be brought back in their original collegiate condition, I'll say Freddie Kitchens. And the following rules are in place:
• He's not allowed to play baseball.
• He's required to come eat with our dietician twice a day.
• We're going to hypnotize him into thinking he's playing Auburn every game.

(I skipped question 4 out of protest.)

5) Since we would never wish injury upon another player, let’s say the President calls and says you can send one player from an opponent’s team to Guantanamo Bay before the game. Who do you pick and why?

I've said this before, but Tray Blackmon scares the life out of me. And not just in a football sense — that dude is just generally scary. Besides, he's about two more arrests from actually being sent to Guantanamo, I think, making this the most logical answer for all of us.


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