Monday, June 16, 2008

a little help from my friends

Obviously, I should've posted something for the weekend -- some Friday links or maybe an old game. And I definitely should've posted this on Sunday:

If you can dry your eyes, I do have some links for today (Monday) to make up for it.

— Basketball-related stuff, specifically the draft: Hendrix staying (in the draft), Steele staying (at Alabama). Frankly, I'm surprised; I thought it would've been the other way around, with Steele going and Hendrix staying. Shows what I know, I guess. I have a hard time believing Ronald would want anything to do with Gottfried after what (allegedly) happened last season (Steele playing hurt, Gottfried refusing to pull the plug, Steele ultimately having to take a year off to rehab, which wouldn't have happened, except his parents actually stepped in and mandated he sit down). But then again, his brother's also coming to Tuscaloosa, so maybe it's all a rumor.
— More basketball stuff, via Bama Hoops: the Decatur paper talks to Rico Pickett. It's reg-required, and quite frankly, I didn't read it. But you can, if you want to.
— Via Capstone: examines the best athletic programs in the SEC, overall. The formula loves Florida, and probably for the right reasons.
— Capstone also has the skinny on JPW being named to the Unitas Watch List. We'll see, I guess.
— Finally, Picture Me Rollin rounds up the latest C&W Roundtable. He and I, it seems, are kindred spirits when it comes to Special K.


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