Thursday, September 10, 2009

Friday: Webb + links

This week's Friday Webb isn't a song. Instead, it's our hero discussing some of his problems with Christian music as a genre. In fact, it's very reminiscent of what Larry Norman said about contemporary music, as well.

And with that, here's a short version of the links for what's going to be a pretty busy Friday.
— First up, 8Box responded was the only one out there to really respond to our C&W Roundtable entry. Here's his response (UPDATE: 3SiB has re-posted it, too). Here at The Party, we salute you, sir. Even if by re-posting you showed that I somehow managed to post the same question twice.
— Preview stuff: Tower of Bammer looks to the Yi-Jing; RBR introduces us to Fla. International (who we all RESPECT VERY MUCH); the Press-Register covers the matchups; and Chris Low covers what to watch in Week 2.
— This Saturday, the BDS end zones are apparently going crimson. Feel free to scoff. I know I did.
— RBR has a pair of excellent posts up that appealed to the nerd in me. First, an examination of how many wins the program actually has; second, OTS defends the Wildcat. Also, if you're interested in nerdy stuff, check out Mr. SEC's offensive efficiency stat from Week 1, or read BSR to find out the unsung heroes.
— examines Alabama's passing game, in light of the (obvious) attention paid to Julio Jones.
— And finally, just because I thought it was neat, here's a photo collage from Week 1.

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