Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thursday lines: late and kind of surprised

Currently, I'm watching Miami pound Georgia Tech ? it's 33-10 early in the fourth and Miami has a chance to score again. I must say, I'm a little surprised, though I'm not sure why: a glimpse at Tech's schedule from 2008 reveals a number of wild swings, and it's kind of par for the course for the system Tech runs (it can look fantastic one day and disjointed the next). The only thing making it interesting: Miami just might be really good. I didn't see that one coming.
(One hilarious note: for some reason Gino Torretta is on Miami's sideline tonight. As a 'Bama fan, I'm not sure I could even look at him without laughing. What would that interview sound like? Gino, you're often referred to as the worst Heisman Trophy winner in the history of football. How do you feel about that?)

Anyway, I owe you some weekend lines, so here they are. As always, lines are courtesy of

Boise St. (-10) at Fresno St.
(Note: Has the potential to be a great game. I'm not kidding.)
Louisville (+10) at Kentucky
California (-14) at Minnesota
East Carolina (+7) at North Carolina
Boston College (+7) at Clemson
Duke (+19) at Kansas
Ohio St. (-21) at Toledo
(Note: Seriously? What's Toledo doing hosting BCS opponents in consecutive weeks?)
North Texas (+35.5) at Alabama
Wyoming (+7.5) at Colorado
(Note: When the local papers are openly speculating about your buyout, that probably means it's time to go.)
Tennessee (+27.5) at Florida
Tulsa (+15.5) at Oklahoma
Nebraska (+3) at Virginia Tech
UAB (+7.5) at Troy
Michigan St. (+11.5) at Notre Dame
USC (-23) at Washington
Utah (+4) at Oregon
Virginia (+14.5) at Southern Miss
(Note: Speaking of coaches about to be fired, it's Al Groh!)
Arizona (+5.5) at Iowa
Fla. International (+14.5) at Rutgers
(Note: Absolutely a great upset special if you're the gambling type. FIU is pretty frigging good. And Rutgers is not.)
Connecticut (+10.5) at Baylor
Navy (+8) at Pittsburgh
Cincinnati (+2) at Oregon St.
Northwestern (-3) at Syracuse
Rice (+31) at Oklahoma St.
Mississippi St. (+8) at Vanderbilt
Florida Atlantic (+21) at South Carolina
Florida St. (+6) at BYU
West Virginia (+5.5) at Auburn
Georgia (-1) at Arkansas
Kansas St. (+10.5) at UCLA

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