Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thursday: lines, please

I plan on forsaking work productivity sometime this afternoon for the sake of a blog post, if I can. HOWEVA, I need to toss out these lines early today, just in case that doesn't materialize.

Onward, then.

Ole Miss (-3.5) at South Carolina

Missouri (-7.5) at Nevada

South Florida (+14) at Florida State
North Carolina (+2.5) at Georgia Tech
Minnesota (+2.5) at Northwestern
Indiana (+20) at Michigan
Michigan State (+2.5) at Wisconsin
Southern Miss (+13.5) at Kansas
(Note: Has anyone read about the simmering tensions between KU's basketball and football programs? Rock Chalk, baby!)
LSU (-14) at Mississippi State
Wake Forest (-2.5) at Boston College
Pittsburgh (push) at North Carolina State
Illinois (+14.5) at Ohio State
TCU (+3) at Clemson
(Note: This is a terrifying game if you're a Clemson fan. Terrifying.)
UTEP (+34) at Texas
Miami (-2) at Virginia Tech
Arkansas (+15.5) at Alabama
California (-7) at Oregon
Troy (+1) at Arkansas State
Florida (-22.5) at Kentucky
Colorado State (+14.5) at BYU
Ball State (+31) at Auburn
Arizona State (+12.5) at Georgia
(Note: Anyone who's putting money on UGA games this year should have his head examined.)
UAB (+15) at Texas A&M
Ohio (+20.5) at Tennessee
Louisville (+11.5) at Utah
Arizona (-2) at Oregon State
Vanderbilt (-8) at Rice
Iowa (+10) at Penn State
Notre Dame (-8.5) at Purdue
Washington (+7) at Stanford
Texas Tech (+1) at Houston
(Note: Seriously?)
Washington State (+44) at USC
(Final note: I don't know if there's a program in the country more worthy of our pity than Wazzu. In addition to having no money and very little to draw recruits in, the Cougs lost their leading rusher last week to compartment syndrome, which might've killed him. And now they have to go to Pasadena to play a ticked-off Trojan team. Yikes.)

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