Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thursday lines, and respecting the opponent

Count me among the people who finally saw the video from this week's "Saban rant" press conference and was underwhelmed. You be the judge.

Considering he was described by ESPN's Chris Low as "voice rising and arms flailing," seeing the actual video was kind of a letdown.

Anyway, I owe you guys some lines for this week, so here they are — as always (for this season), lines are courtesy of

Clemson (+4.5) at Georgia Tech
(OK, fine ... I'll do it.
Clempson is a redneck school
Doo-dah, doo-dah,
Clempson is a redneck school
Oh de-doo-dah day.

Gonna moo all night,
Gonna moo all day,

Clempson is a redneck school
Just like U-G-A.

h/t: these guys)

Colorado (-3.5) at Toledo

North Carolina (-3.5) at UConn
Iowa (-7) at Iowa St.
(Note: Arguably the weirdest line of the day, as Dr. Saturday notes — what the heck is Iowa, a team that needed TWO blocked field goals to survive last week at home, doing GIVING 7 on the road against a Big XII opponent? I don't get it.)
Stanford (+1.5) at Wake Forest
Syracuse (+28) at Penn St.
Fresno St. (+9) at Wisconsin
Duke (PUSH) at Army
Troy (+37) at Florida
Marshall (+19.5) at Va. Tech
(Note: After last week, I have exactly zero confidence that VT's offense can score 20 points on its own. With some help from bogus penalties, special teams and turnovers? Maybe.)
Notre Dame (-4.5) at Michigan
Houston (+14.5) at Oklahoma
Texas Christian (-12) at Virginia
(Note: Holy smokes, ACC.)
East Carolina (+7) at West Virginia)
Texas (-33) at Wyoming
(Note: One of the weirdest traditions in football remains Texas' willingness to travel to locales most Big-6 schools consider beneath them and allow their fans to overtake the stadiums. They've done it with UTEP, with Houston and a few others. And this week it's Wyoming.)
SMU (+11) at UAB
UCLA (+9) at Tennessee
Mississippi St. (+14.5) at Auburn
(Note: This is right up there for bizarre lines. I know Auburn's opener was encouraging, but ... I mean, would you give more than a touchdown with them against anybody? Really?)
South Carolina (+7.5) at Georgia
(Note: Don't bet on the over for this game.)
Fla. International (+33.5) at Alabama
Air Force (+4.5) at Minnesota
Vanderbilt (+14) at LSU
Kansas (-11) at UTEP
USC (-6) at Ohio St.
(Note: This may be the ultimate sign of disrespect to the Big 10: the conference's best team, playing a team with a freshman QB, at home — which is supposed to be worth a touchdown — and they're getting 6. Yikes.)


-D. said...

Chris Low sucks.

-D. said...

Also, why haven't we appropriated the "Clempson" song to sing to the Aubs when they come to town? It fits perfectly.