Friday, September 18, 2009

your standard Friday fare: Webb & links

Editor's note: We tried a little something different this morning when putting together today's links; predictably, it didn't work perfectly. Hopefully all the errors are now fixed. Thanks to dmaguire27 for the heads-up.

Attempting to think a little outside the box for today's video of Derek Webb: today's song is one I don't really know ? it's called "A New Law."

And with that, we're off and running with this Friday's edition of the links. First up, in the preview section, are my friends from the sports branch of Tower of Bammer, previewing the game (warning: LANGUAGE)

It's not the most scientific preview in the world, but it works.

— For other unconventional looks at this year's Tide team, 8Box examines Alabama's kickoff team through the eyes of his Labrador.
— Elsewhere, in actual football analysis: the T-News looks at 'Bama's Pistol formation; Nico looks at and .
— Likely missing in action this week: Julio Jones and Roy Upchurch, according to Gentry Estes.
— That reminds me: if you're not reading Estes' "Bama Beat" on a daily basis, you absolutely must start doing so. Gentry works harder than anybody else in the business, and he almost always has the skinny on every situation before everyone else. And he manages to do it without making himself part of the story, as was Ian's wont.
Por ejemplo, here's a great story about Alabama WR Mike Bowman. Who is Alabama WR Mike Bowman? I didn't know, either.
— Here's another great Tide personnel story, about Terry Grant, whose fourth-quarter TD provided the cover for 'Bama gamblers everywhere (not noted in the story).
— This one kind of slipped under the radar, but it's pretty significant: 'Bama AD Mal Moore has now been at his job for 10 years. It doesn't really seem that long.
Devoting anything less than an entire column (or book) to Moore's remarkable career in and around Alabama football would be unfair. One note on Moore's tenure, for the record: it was my friend Amanda (who can be found blogging ) who originally predicted the demise of Moore's predecessor, Bob Bockrath, mere moments after a demoralizing loss to Louisiana Tech at Legion Field. Let the record also show that Amanda called Mike Dubose's ouster (not as big of a stretch, but still) after the loss at Tennessee the following season. Clairvoyant girl, that one.

— Some other assorted links: Mr. CFB checks with his Friday forecast; Dr. Sat. has a list of the worst games this weekend; reviews the SEC's best atmospheres (take a guess as to which one is first); and, finally, FSU fans go a little crazy in support of the Noles.

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