Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tuesday 'tube: Hawg wash

A few videos to help get you through your Tuesday, whilst I attempt to cobble together a newspaper (you know ... my real job).
If you're looking for some historical background on the game, check out this post at RBR.

First up: the 1980 Sugar Bowl game, significant because a) it capped the last championship season of the Bryant era; b) my parents (newly wedded) were in attendance.

And by the way, that is definitely Lou Holtz on the Hawg sideline.

To be current, we'll fast-forward to
last year: Alabama got out early and never looked back. This would become a theme.

We'll leave things with Arkansas' last trip to Tuscaloosa, which turned out to be something resembling a life experience. Bamafanzone captures the experience.

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