Thursday, October 22, 2009

more Orange crushing: a place not far from here

Here are this decade's victories over UT, minus last season's (for reasons that will become clear later).

(Important note on Gerald Dixon's fumble return for a TD: it was like the only thing Smoke did in his entire four years at CB for Alabama. Somehow, he winds up on all the highlight reels forevermore. Not even Linnie Patrick could do that.)

Speaking of people who did very few things right but still managed to give us some memorable moments ...

Renovations or no, I've not heard Bryant-Denny as loud before, or since, that night.

But ... as anyone with a working knowledge of our recent history with the NCAA knows, that win was wiped off (at least for now) by the hateful Textbook Scandal, which wasn't uncovered until ... the day of the 2007 Tennessee game. So this one definitely counted.

That game was so much fun, it caused me to get all weepy in my postgame analysis.

Back with your weekend lines a little later.

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