Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thursday: music and lines

Before we get to this week's lines, I feel the need to share my thoughts on "Glee," a television show on FOX that I've watched on and off thus far this fall. Why did I start watching in the first place? My wife, obviously — a show choir alum, there was at least a 100 percent chance she'd be watching once the ads first started airing (and if you don't think she'll be attending the re-imagined "Fame" very soon, you're kidding yourself).
In any case, I can't recommend the show highly enough, if only because it's hilarious terrible, and apparently intentionally so. It's great to watch a show in which the writers basically said, "Ya know what? There's no point in attempting to make this realistic — let's just make it as goofy as possible and throw in a few musical numbers. Our core audience won't care, anyway."
For example: last night's episode featured a guest appearance from Kristin Chenoweth, who spent the entire episode talking in the same weird voice she used for "Wicked," drank like a fish for some bizarre reason and threw in two or three lyrical renditions that absolutely made my hair stand on end. At no point did anything in the episode make any logical sense whatsoever, but I'd have watched the entire hour just to hear her sing, and apparently I'm not alone.

UPDATE: Someone finally uploaded some of the songs, so you're welcome.)

Anyway, I felt the need to share that with you. And no, I don't feel any less masculine for doing so.

This week's SEC schedule is kind of terrible — the best of the primetime games is Auburn at Tennessee, and LSU's trip to UGA is the mid-afternoon game. But that doesn't mean we can't have fun. So let's look at the lines. As always, they're courtesy of

Colorado (+17) at West Virginia
(Note: A battle of two poorly coached teams, at least one of which is likely to be fired by midseason. Remember, this is the game last year when we all realized, collectively, that Bill Stewart has no idea what the hell he's doing.)
Southern Miss (-10) at UAB
(Note: If you ran the football program at UAB, wouldn't you want to play on every day except Saturday? What's the point of trying to compete with Auburn and 'Bama?)

Utah St. (+24) at BYU

Clemson (-13) at Maryland
Michigan (-2.5) at Michigan St.
Wisconsin (+1) at Minnesota
Va. Tech (-15.5) at Duke
Virginia (+14) at North Carolina
South Florida (-7) at Syracuse
Northwestern (+6) at Purdue
Alabama (-17) at Kentucky
Kansas St. (+1) at Iowa St.
UCLA (+5) at Stanford
LSU (+2.5) at Georgia
Florida St. (-5) at Boston College
North Caroina St. (PICK) at Wake Forest
Penn St. (-6) at Illinois
Washington (+13.5) at Notre Dame
Air Force (+3.5) at Navy
Oregon St. (+4.5) at Arizona St.
Ole Miss (-9.5) at Vanderbilt
Georgia Tech (-4.5) at Mississippi St.
Arkansas (+1.5) at Texas A&M
Auburn (+2) at Tennessee
(Note: This line makes no sense. None.)
Oklahoma (-7) at Miami
USC (-6.5) at Cal

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-D. said...

I haven't watched "Glee" yet, but I hate that I missed that! Kristin Chenoweth...drool...