Friday, October 23, 2009

ut youtube, final version

I'm posting three different versions of last year's win over Tennessee last season at Neyland. It's easy to forget this now, but the game at UT was one of the moments when the '08 Alabama team turned into a championship contender (as opposed to just a surprise team).
Remember: a number of experts (including, well, me) picked 'Bama to lose that game — Terrence Cody was out, we'd just slopped through two mundane performances vs. Kentucky and Ole Miss, and UT was desperate (so people thought, anyway) to save its coach's job. The warning signs were there, no question.

Of course, by now you know what happened.

One last video, and it's from the creative media department at UA. Be sure to watch this one 'till the end, for Nick Saban's postgame speech to the team.

"It was a tough-ass physical game. And we went stroke for stroke with 'em, and they could not match. They could not match us in the game."

Once more, with feeling: I hate Tennessee. You should, too.

Roll Tide.

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