Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thursday lines will have to wake up mighty early

Before we get to this week's edition of Thursday lines, I felt the need to share this video from Tuesday's player session with the media, and only because Greg McElroy apparently a) is tired of answering questions about Julio Jones' (perceived) lack of involvement in the offense, and b) Greg apparently graduated from the Nick Saban School of "Condescending Responses to Irritating Questions."

Alabama QB Greg McElroy 10-5-09

One thing that's been somewhat underplayed in the "why isn't Julio getting the ball more?" storyline: he's been hurt since the FIU game, when he bruised his knee (remember: he didn't play at all against UNT). In that time period, AJ Green has done multiple superhuman things, including this ...

... which has led to multiple stories about his greatness as an athlete (and at least one blogger saying "[t]he debate as to whether he's better than Julio Jones is over and done with."
So, anyway, yeah: it's kind of an interesting discussion, anyway.

Moving on, here are this week's lines. Bear in mind, all the SEC games for this week save 'Bama-Ole Miss and Florida-LSU begin before lunchtime (something about CBS having a "window" and ESPN not being allowed to violate it). So if you place any money on these games — and, as always, we don't recommend it — be prepared to wake up early.
Lines, as always, come courtesy of

Nebraska (-2) at Missouri
La. Tech (+7) at Nevada
Auburn (-3) at Arkansas
(Note: Possibly could take all afternoon. I've no idea what's the over here, but ... well, take the over. Looks like a lock.)
Purdue (+4) at Minnesota
West Virginia (-9.5) at Syracuse
(Note: Wasn't listed at Dr. Saturday's Upset Bait, but frankly, this one looks like a trap.)
Boston College (+13.5) at Virginia Tech
Georgia (PUSH) at Tennessee
(Note: On some services, this line has moved in favor of Tennessee, as much as 2 points. Which is insane — anyone laying money with Jonathan Crompton should just take $100 out of his pocket and just light it on fire.)
Iowa St. (+19) at Kansas
(Note: Anyone see what ISU did last week vs. K-St.? This looks like another potential upset.)
Kentucky (+12) at South Carolina
(Note: I think Kentucky is actually pretty good. If they can stop throwing the ball to the other team, they'll have a chance to win every game from here on out.)
Oregon (-6.5) at UCLA
Alabama (-6.5) at Ole Miss
Wisconsin (+14.5) at Ohio St.
Baylor (+23.5) at Oklahoma
(Note related to nothing: According to our Web source, Oklahoma St.'s home game against Texas A&M is completely off the board.)
Connecticut (+9.5) at Pittsburgh
Indiana (+6.5) at Virginia
Duke (+14.5) at North Carolina St.
Arizona St. (-19.5) at Washington St.
Utah (-6.5) at Colorado St.
Maryland (+10) at Wake Forest
Stanford (-2.5) at Oregon St.
Kansas St. (+17) at Texas Tech
Colorado (+32) at Texas
(Note: They can't make this line high enough. CU quit on this season before it even started.)
TCU (-11) at Air Force
Georgia Tech (+2.5) at Florida St.
Florida (-9.5) at LSU
(Note: I think LSU is a tad overrated — they're not a bad team, but I don't think they're a top-5 squad. Even so, how are they GETTING 9.5 at home? I'm confused.)
Michigan (+7.5) at Iowa
Arizona (-2.5) at Washington

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