Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thursday lines: make sense of your weekend

No fanfare today, I'm afraid — I just got off the phone with a woman asking me about the lies I've printed (standard, of course).

Here are your lines for the week — today I'm taking them off, just because.

Florida St. (+3) at North Carolina
Rutgers (-10) at Army
UAB (+7) at Marshall
Georgia Tech (-6) at Virginia
(Note: Trap alert, big time.)
Indiana (+6) at Northwestern
Illinois (+10) at Purdue
Minnesota (+17) at Ohio St.
South Florida (+7) at Pittsburgh
UConn (+7) at West Virginia
Arkansas (+6.5) at Mississippi
(Note: This line makes no sense. So Arkansas goes to Florida and challenges the Gators stroke for stroke, loses mainly because of field goal breakdowns and some bizarre penalties; now they're going to play an Ole Miss team that has been, to say the least, underwhelming ... and they're GETTING a touchdown? Really?)
Iowa St. (+17.5) at Nebraska
(Note: Overlooked amid the big games from last week, the Huskers' complete collapse at home vs. the Red Raiders — NU was giving 6 and lost 31-10. You read that correctly.)
Oklahoma St. (-10) at Baylor
Colorado (+4.5) at Kansas St.
Maryland (+6) at Duke
(Note: The weirdest conference in America. Bar none.)
Wake Forest (+3) at Navy
Louisville (+18) at Cincinnati
Boston College (+7.5) at Notre Dame
Oregon (-10) at Washington
Tennessee (+14) at Alabama
Penn St. (-4.5) at Michigan
Oklahoma (-7.5) at Kansas
Clemson (+5.5) at Miami
Air Force (+9.5) at Utah
UCLA (+7.5) at Arizona
Texas A&M (+21.5) at Texas Tech
Iowa (-1) at Michigan St.
Vanderbilt (+13) at South Carolina
TCU (-2.5) at BYU
Auburn (+7.5) at LSU
(Note: At +10, I think I might love Auburn in this one. But at +7.5 ... I'm waffling.)
Florida (-22.5) at Mississippi St.
Oregon St. (+21) at USC
Texas (-13) at Missouri
(Note: Major, MAJOR trap alert here.)
Arizona St. (+7) at Stanford
Boise St. (-25) at Hawai'i

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